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An Excerpt From My Novel

This past November I took part in my second year of Nano. I’d like to say it’s my first official year because the year before I only wrote a few thousand words (Wanna read an excerpt from that?? Comment and let me know).

This year I tried again. My goal was 15,000 words. I won and I’m so glad I did it. I already have some goals for next year.

Anyway, I’m doing Camp Nanowrimo in April (My goal is to get my book up to a total of 25,000 words). I thought it would be fun to share a summary of my novel and excerpt from it. Are you ready to finally read something?? Read on then (Hmmm, I feel like that was kind of obvious….)


Camilla is fourteen years old and in 9th grade. She is going through that point in her adolescents where she is trying to find her self. Her mom died two years ago and she’s trying to coping with the loss. Plus, she doesn’t have any female role models in her life and lives with five guys. She feels like an outsider sometimes with four older brothers, especially when she acts like herself. Even her best friend is a boy and she doesn’t connect with girls. Through all of this Camilla has lost her faith in God and hates him at this point. Camilla struggles to find herself, make friends, and restore her relationship with God.


(The book is told from first person view of Camilla)

Sweet, Adorable, Girl Next Door



I didn’t expect to spend my Wednesday afternoon having a chicken nugget fight and ranting about peaches (ew, their just so hairy!), but it happened. After last night’s news, I wasn’t particularly cheery to say the least when I plopped down in first period the next morning. Ambrosia slid into her seat right next to mine. “Did you understand any of the homework?” she whispered nervously.

“Ummm,” I replied really intelligently.

“You ok?”

“Sure, just a rough night last night and yes, I did understand the homework,” I said.

“Wanna come over? We can talk about it later,” she asked, flipping her hair off her shoulder.

I was caught off guard but I replied casually, “Oh, well I have homework that I need to get done before youth group tonight.”

“Ok, maybe another time.” she said disappointed.




The rest of the day I felt sort of bad for lying to Ambrosia. I barely had any homework and nothing else planned other than youth group- which she was probably going to- that evening. I was just not in the mood for talking about my feelings or anything for that matter. Wow, sounded like the definition of my life right now.

The lunch line dragged on and on forever that day and I felt so self-conscious all alone. Ambrosia packed her lunch and was patiently waiting at our table. Dad didn’t have time for that anymore. I had always hated lunch lines and school lunches.

When I finally sat down, Ambrosia interrogated me again. “What’s wrong Camilla? You aren’t your normal self.”

“Nothing is wrong. Why do you think that! Can you please stop asking?” I snapped.

“Ouch,” called Jake who just so happened to be walking by, “and it’s because you bought tomato soup. We all know you hate it!”

“Ignore him,” Ambrosia rolled her eyes, “I completely understand. He was completely correct about the soup part though.”

I’m pretty sure she actually hated me though. I know I would if I were her. Gosh, I had a conscience. Nothing else note-worthy happened throughout the day but right after last period Troy came up to me and told me, “Hey Cam, turns out we have a spur of the moment play practice. I won’t be able to drive you home. Dad can’t either. Sorry.”

A plan began to form in my head. One in which I could show a little more love and not lose my only friend (ok, I’m not including Stan but he doesn’t really count). Hopefully, Ambrosia would hate me a little less after this. “No problem Troy. I’m going home with my friend Ambrosia. I’ll text Dad.”

What’s to lose? I ran over to her locker to tell her. “Hey…. So actually I don’t have homework to do and I would like to hangout if I still can- that is if I haven’t offended you so much that you never want to see me again.”

It sounded like I was begging and apologizing things I never did. Where had this change of heart come from? “That’s awesome! Why would I be offended?” she squeaked, “but before we leave we should go see the duet pairings! C’mon!”

“Wait, they are out???!” I asked.

We raced over to the choral room. The list was there. I scanned it. I didn’t see my name. Great, my fear was confirmed, I am bad at everything, a complete and utter failure– but Ambrosia interrupted my thoughts screaming, “CAMILLA! WE ARE PAIRED TOGETHER! THIS IS GREAT.”

Thanks for reading! If you have any writing tips I’d love to hear them below.

What do you think so far? Would you want to see more excerpts or an excerpt from my 2015 novel?

Let me know in the comments!



16 thoughts on “An Excerpt From My Novel

    1. Thank you!! It is so funny how there are so many writers out there but we all like different writing styles. I don’t know if I could have the imagination to write fantasy.

  1. Wow, that was great, Rebekah! 😀 I liked the first part about chicken nuggets and peaches especially. XD Hee hee! Sure, I’d love to see more!

    1. Thank you Allison. I was trying to come up with something funny and out of the ordinary. I didn’t want to make the excerpt too long but they finally do get to having a chicken nugget fight later on 🙂

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