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Lessons From My Dad


Right now, we are on our first missions trip together…… I don’t think every dad would do that for his daughter, but you are. I’ve been blessed with a man who is so actively involved in my life. You’ve taught me so many things and I thought I would share a few of the:

-You can bend the rules in cooking a little bit, yet you always help me when I bend them a little too much.

-You’ve taught me how to follow God through daily devotions and you are always encouraging me.

-You are the one who makes sure I stay healthy and got me to start liking shakes and sweet potatoes.

-You listen to my problems and give me valuable advice.


-You teach me how to have grace and forgive others even when they mess up.

-You can never wash your hands too much or change the towels or cover your nose.

-You figure out how to fix almost everything in our house (toilets, cars, windows, closets, etc.) and are willing to teach me even when I might be hesitant.

-You never stop sharing how Jesus has changed your life and serving God.

Happy Father’s day! I want you to know how appreciative I am for all you do. Thank you for pointing me toward Christ.

Love you,


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Pack With Me: Florida

I may or may not have started writing this back in March…..

Anyway, I love packing. I enjoy writing packing lists and putting together what I’m going to wear for a trip. I love figuring out ways to be a lighter packer and bring just the right amount of stuff.

I know…..It’s strange. Back in February I started planning for my trip to Florida this summer. Now it is so close!

We are driving so I don’t have a certain weight but I am still trying to not over pack. We will be in Florida for 13 days and will do laundry once so I need enough clothes to last 6 days. Anyway, enjoy!

I want to start this post by sharing a few of my favorite posts that I read about packing and also printables I’ve found (they helped me so much!).

The Ultimate Packing List for Florida

Useful Packing Printables for Packing (you will need to subscribe to access them)

Road Trip Essentials

Before anything else, I wrote a packing list. Then, I gathered everything and put it on my bed. I tried to pick things that mix and match together. I brought pieces that could make multiple outfits, be comfortable, and look nice for pictures. I ended up with eight tops, but two of them are cover-ups and one is to exercise in as well. I recommend minimal bottoms because they can be re worn and should match every or almost every top.


*This is almost everything I brought!*

Once I had everything together, I packed the bag I am bringing in the car. In here I have things to do and essentials. I am bringing my backpack because it is big enough for everything I need but also old so it is ok if it gets dirty.

I am bringing one book (but it is a three in one!) called Kissed. It is by Cameron Dokey and I really liked the other in the series. I’m also bringing my journal, a notebook I write blog stuff in, a coloring book, pens and markers, my wallet, camera, phone, and some toiletries.

I’ll also put together a snack bag before I go and fill up my reusable water bottle.

After that comes my suitcase. I brought this one from LL Bean:


When I packed everything it I started by putting everything from the bed and placing it on separate sides of the suitcase.


I opened the bottom part of my bag and put the plastic bags and swim suits in between the bottom of the suitcase.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES On top of that I put my Ziploc bag full of bottoms, my cardigan, and my purse. I like to use Ziploc bags because they can compress things and decrease wrinkling. I definitely recommend them if you aren’t going to use packing cubes. I only needed two. One for shirts and a second big one (2.5 gallon to be specific) pants and my overalls. The only thing that didn’t fit in was my black cardigan for over my dress.

I did the same thing on the other side as well.

In the front two pockets I put my toiletries bag, chargers bag, hairbrush, and outfit planner.

I didn’t have that much to pack because my mom packed some stuff for all of us (like shampoo) and she packed our shoes in a separate bag.


I’m not sure if I’ll have access to wi-fi in Florida so hopefully my posts will go up without problems and I’ll reply to comments when I return. Also, I will be posting a travel diary so look forward to that!

If you are interested in a full PDF of what I packed for Florida you can click Packing List for Florida 2017. I’m also thinking about posting how I packed for my mission’s trip because I could not find any blog posts about that when I was looking it up online. Packing for a mission’s trip is so different and I’ve learned so much after being on one. So, if you would be interested in seeing that leave me a comment!

What is something that you like to do that is not ordinary (mine are organizing and packing 😛 )?

Have a blessed day!


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My Summer Bink List 2017

The past at least two summer’s I have been doing this thing called a summer blink list. Basically, it is a summer bucket list (last year’s here). It’s called a ‘blink list’, because summer goes by so fast and so this list is things I want to accomplish before the ‘blink’ is over. Some of the things on my list I came up with and others I found on Pinterest (mine is here).

Keep reading to find out what is on my list!


  1. This is always on my bucket list. Every. Single. Time. Watch a sunrise.

I have done it twice and I just get an exhilarated feeling watching the sun rise so I want to do it again!

total lunar eclipse


2. Witness the total solar eclipse on August 21st.

There is supposed to be a total solar eclipse this summer. I think that would be a really unique thing to experience, so I want to make sure I do that.


3. Leave a note in a Library book.

I think this would be really fun to do. And what better time to do it then summer?

fried oreos


4. This is so random…. but I really want to try fried Oreos.

I know I’m probably going to the beach a few times this summer so I will have an opportunity. I have no particular reason for doing this. They just seem interesting.

finish coloring book


5. Finish an entire coloring book.

I love coloring and will hopefully be able to complete this wild goal!


6. Sew, Sew, Sew!

I love sewing and want to do more of it this summer. I have all the supplies and projects I want. I need to just start.


7. Have a shopping day.

The mall is one of my favorite places (I sound way too much like a teenage girl…. but it is true). It would be so fun to spend a whole day there with my friends. Since there is more time in the summer that is a perfect excuse.


8. Take more pictures.

I’m going to Florida this summer and also on a missions trip and I want to take a ton of pictures while I am on these trips. Plus, hopefully I will have more time to photograph my friends so I can build a portfolio and improve my skills.


9. Bible Journal more!

I love Bible journaling, but I don’t do it as much as I would like. Because I want to make sure I do it more, I’ve made it one of the things on my blink list so I am reminded to do it.


10. Enjoy the break!

I want some time to just kick my feet up, do a face mask, and swim at the pool. My summer is packed already. I’m looking for a few days to just relax.

What is one thing you want to do this summer? Let me know in the comments.

Have a beautiful day!


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How to Survive Long Car Rides (yes, it’s possible)

Hi there!! Since Summer is almost upon us, I know that means vacation season is upon us as well. My family almost always travels by car (I’ve even traveled as many as twenty hours in the car at one time!).

I wanted to share some of the ways I survive long car rides. Honestly, I am pretty content in the car and don’t mind long car rides so I don’t get bored very easily, but I still need ways to spend my time. Here some of my tips:



Car Games. Car games can make or break a trip. It gives you a chance to bond with people on the trip and also is an entertaining way to pass time.

In my family, our favorites are hangman, card games (Uno, Spot it!, Bingo) and never have I ever.

I also found this post on fun car games. I can’t wait to try some of these with my family!!



Prep your devices. If you have access services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Podcasts, a Kindle, your local library, or Spotify (I’m sure there are others), you can download movies, books, music and podcasts to use without internet connection. Some of these cost money but others are free. They save tons of space and data. This is a great and easy way to get entertainment for the road.


Snacks. Food makes everything better!! I like to bring snacks that I don’t get as often. I also like things that are refreshing. Things like fruits and nuts are perfect because they will fill you up but won’t make you feel over-full inside. Dried fruit or fruit squeezes are good alternative if you can’t take fresh, perishable fruit along. Granola bars are compact, easy to bring, and tasty but can feel heavy on your stomach.


I don’t recommend bringing spicy foods, like Takis, unless you are accustomed to fire in your throat. You’ll guzzle down a ton of water (that’s the reason my family one time had to make two bathroom stops on a two and half hour-long car ride, when we could otherwise go without any). In addition, salty foods will make you dehydrated faster so beware of them.


Drinking water will help keep you from headaches and dehydration during a road trip but drink strategically to avoid unnecessary stops. To save space you can pack a reusable water bottle and fill it up at rest stops.



Be comfy. Wear something that you’ll be comfortable in. Layers are your best friend because depending on how you are feeling you can take something off or put something on. Nothing will make the ride more uncomfortable the tight jeans and a thick sweater in sweltering heat (or tight jeans at any time!).


Keep lotion, chap stick, hand sanitizer, and diaper wipes nearby during the trip so you don’t feel disgusting in the car.



Prep for sleep. If worst comes to worst and you are bored out of your mind, sleep is your best option. It is not impossible to obtain. The biggest thing is comfort, make sure you are wearing comfy clothes (mentioned in #4) and you have a pillow and/or blanket to keep you cozy. If light bothers you wear a sleeping mask. If you can’t stand the noise put in some ear plugs (seriously, these things are AMAZING). Figure out what helps you sleep so catching some zzzs is easier on the road.



Look out the window. Watch the countryside (or interstate) fly by. I like to do this because it is so relaxing and I find it all around interesting. I’ve heard it helps with car sickness as well.


I honestly loved writing this. I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it helpful :D. Let me know your tips for surviving long car rides down in the comments.

What is the longest car ride you’ve been on?

Have an awesome week!


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What is in my Backpack- At the END of the year

I am so close to being done with school (less than two weeks)! YAYAYAY!

A long time ago, I showed ya’ll what was in my backpack (here). That is all fine and dandy but I think it is way more interesting to see a backpack uncensored after it a full school year. It is crazy. I purposefully haven’t cleaned it. So…… do not get too grossed out by all the craziness (at least I didn’t find mold).

Let’s go through this thing together!


Here is a refresher of what my backpack looks like.


Inside the very front pocket I have three note cards, a mini hairbrush, some paper divider tabs, and a list of my classes.


(This picture took so long to set up!)

In the long pocket I keep all my pencils, pens and such. I have crayons, markers (two different types), pencils, pens, colored pencils, a ruler with 3 hole punch, glue, an eraser, lolly pop, a valentine from my friend Sam, a broken crayon, and crumpled paper towel. How extremely random 😉


The little pocket at the top of my bag held this small container that had some essential things in it like sanitizer, band-aids, lotion, braces stuff, a gum wrapper, chap-stick, and toothpaste (where is the toothbrush?!)

This is the inside of the main pocket and its contents. I have all the same books as before in the fall, though they are written in and a bit battered now. Plus, floating around in my bag are five quizzes, some report cards, labs, flash cards, a binder clip, gum wrapper, paper towel, candy, a valentine, an adapter for my iPod, a perfume, pen, pencil, and last but not least a picture of strawberry cheese cake drawn by my wonderful friend Lila.

Whew, that was everything in the mess of my backpack. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, honestly.

Did you find this interesting? What is the most essential thing in your backpack?

Mine would have to be my colored pens. They make taking notes so much more fun!

Have a fantastic day!


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Preparing for a Mission’s Trip

Last year I posted twice about the mission’s trip I went on read them here and here. I thought for some of you considering on going on a mission’s trip you might want to know the process involved. Obviously, it is different with every church or organization. I am also going on a domestic missions trip (not out of the country) so that does simplify some things.

For starters, you usually have to complete a form to apply.  It gives you information and you also fill out information. This includes basic stuff like your name and age but also other stuff like your work preferences, lists of people who will pray/keep you accountable, and questions about your testimony and other spiritual related questions.


After you apply, you begin raising support and attending meetings. Since we are all under 18, we raise money by sending letters to people we know and people in the church asking for them to donate money. We send an original letter, thank you letter, field letter, and a letter when we return home.

At our meetings we build team unity, learn how to share the gospel, and meet specifically with our individual group (we are hosting a Vacation Bible School). Aside from keeping up on the letters, we must prepare for our team. I am on teaching team which means I will be teaching the kids a Bible lesson one of the days.


For that I’m writing my lesson, coming up with activities to do, and practicing teaching it. If you want to read my lesson you can click here –>VBS Lesson. It is about when Jesus confronts Peter after he has denied Jesus three times.

prayer list maine

Prayer is a big part of the trip. I pray almost daily for the trip, the kids we will reach, my team, and other related things.

Also, you have to pack. You don’t have to do that till the end but it is still a part of the process.

Whew, I think that is all the prep I go through when I get ready for a missions trip. I hope you learned something. If you are considering going a mission’s trip don’t let this scare you! It does take a little prep but the results are priceless.

Have you ever been on a missions trip?

Have a lovely day!


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What I Eat in a Day

Another post I was inspired by from YouTube! I love watching videos about what people eat through out their day and also finding inspiration on new ideas of food to make.

About that… Madi from Delightful World of Dolls released an awesome YouTube movie about two weeks ago. You should check it out– she did a professional job (plus, it is fun!) Link to it here!

Back to today’s post, I do not eat the same food everyday (in case you thought that) so this was just a day when I was at home. At the end of the day I realized I had eaten a lot of stuff from Trader Joe’s which I thought was funny because Trader Joe’s is looked at as a “healthy” store. Disclaimer: I am not saying that this is diet that you should eat all the time or that it is right for you. This is just what I ate on this day.

With that out-of-the-way, take a look at what I ate for breakfast.

I had two blueberry toaster waffles from Trader Joe’s topped with blueberries and a banana. I love bananas. They are my favorite fruit.


For lunch I wasn’t super hungry so it was pretty small. I made sweet potato fries (They are delicious!) and cut up an apple with some peanut butter.


To make the sweet potatoes, I grease a pan, set the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and cut up the sweet potatoes. I like to sprinkle mine with a little salt as well. Mine usually take 25-40 minutes to bake. It all depends on the size and how soft you want them. Just keep an eye on them and they’ll be fine.


A little later I wanted something sweet, so I had half a chocolate egg. This was a special one because it had coconut and peanut butter on the inside. My grandmother brought them so I do not know the recipe but I found a similar one here.

Since lunch was so small, I got hungry before dinner and I had some blackberries and a granola bar.

For dinner, my mom made raviolis and I made salad to go with that. We also had juice.

You should definitely try the raviolis, waffles, and sweet potatoes those are all some of my favorites! I hope you found this interesting 😀

What is one of your favorite things to eat?

Happy May (Can you believe it is already May??)!


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All About Chickens

My family and I own five chickens (Henrietta, Coop, Nutmeg, Ginger Snap, and Queen Feather). I know owning chickens is becoming more popular and I decided to share some information about them. We’ve owned chickens for about a year and a half, so we are definitely eggsperts (I know it was an awful pun but I had to do it).


Our chickens were so tiny when I took this picture! Their combs (the red part) are so much bigger now.


We got our chickens in October 2015 and they’ve been laying consistently since about December 2015. We got them at 16 weeks old.


I like our eggs way better than store-bought eggs. I can’t go back to white eggs. They look so fake to me. Yes, some chickens lay white eggs but not to the degree of the store-bought kind. I love that we get speckled, spotted, variety colored eggs. Two of our chickens lay light beige eggs and the other three lay darker ones. The eggs are also different because they are a tad harder to crack.

{Safety First}


*The chickens in their run during winter*

  • Make sure your chickens have a safe coop. We have woods in our backyard in which foxes live. We also have snakes and hawks that fly overhead. Our chickens are not free-ranging so they are a lot less likely to get eaten, but we still have to be careful to keep them safe.


  • My dad made our coop. In their run (the outside part), he buried wire three feet down and bent it inward so critters can’t dig their way into the coop. We also have wiring on top so hawks can’t swoop in.
  • Make sure you and your family stay safe while having chickens. Make sure to not eat raw eggs or to rub your faces all over chickens or chicks to avoid salmonella.

{Don’t be Afraid of Dirt}

  • Dirt is good for chickens. It is how they keep themselves clean. You will see them digging holes in the ground and settling themselves in these holes. This is called dust bathing and is perfectly normal.


  • The chickens will be healthier and so will their eggs by eating grubs (worms and other bugs in the ground). Let them eat it up!
  • You can use chickens poop for compost or to make your garden more fertile. We don’t do this but I know plenty people do.


  • Yes, the eggs do get poop on them, but you can wash that off. Besides, you aren’t eating the shell silly 😉 . With that being said, DON’T wash your eggs until right before you use them. Eggs have a special coating on them that keeps the poop and other stuff from soaking into their pores. When you wash them, you remove this coating.

{Will they ever lay?}

  • Chickens start laying at about 20-24 weeks. Ours started laying at 21 weeks.


  • During the winter your chickens need to experience at least 12+ hours of light and also need to be comfortable (so not freezing temperatures). If not, they will stop laying. We did this by putting a light (on a timer) inside of their coop. This way, they were a bit warmer and it was lighter for many more hours.


  • You also may experience a chicken going broody. Basically, this is when the chicken decides it wants to hatch chicks and tries to hatch your eggs. We noticed this with one of our chickens about 8-9 months after we got her. She spent all her time sitting on the eggs and the other eggs the chickens had laid. She wouldn’t lay her own eggs. Nothing we tried would get her to stop, eventually they work themselves out of it and go back to normal. Sorry,  I don’t have any real suggestions on how to cure this.


I think I just dumped on you a ton of information. If you want to know even more in-depth about chickens, check out Souly Rest. It is a unique blog and there are some posts that go into more detail about chickens on there.

Do you have chickens or want chickens?

Have a magnificent day!


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Having Joy Through Hardships

Right now, I’m sick. It is Good Friday. We have a program at our church but I’m home because I have a very low-grade fever and mainly just feel too tired to go.

About a week ago I began memorizing James 1:5, for a few days I was studying the surrounding passage. It is about having joy during trials and asking God for wisdom on how to be joyful in trials. I posted about joy a few months ago and here I am again. God must be showing me something 😉

Before I continue I want to make a disclaimer and say, yes, I am aware that getting sick is not considered a trial to everyone and definitely not as big as being persecuted for your faith or a family members death.

Right now, this is what I’m struggling with. It feels like a big deal to me because I love the traditions I have with my family at Easter and want to enjoy them. I also am planning on spending spring break at the beach with my friend for her birthday and have really been looking forward to that. None of this will happen if I’m sick, but God has taught me through this.


In front of people I’ve had a lot more trouble trusting God than by myself. I’ve been praying James 1:5 and I keep giving my worries back to God. It has brought me closer to God. This is teaching me to trust God. He has a plan. He will redeem the bad things that happen in our lives for good.

Your trial is probably different from mine. We all get them at some point or another. God uses everything for His glory, even our mistakes or Satan’s schemes. You are right. I don’t know what you are going through. Yes, I’m sure it is hard not to question God or wonder why this is happening.

Try to give it to Him. I’ve spent more time with God the past few days then I have since the missions trip I went on maybe. It feels good. Spending time with God doesn’t just mean praying and scripture reading, though it can. I’ve been listening to an amazing Spotify playlist of praise music. I’ve been doing some Bible journaling as well. Something I have been praying is that God won’t let me waste this opportunity to serve him.

Whatever kind of struggle you are going through. Look at it as a way to practice joy and pray that God will not let you waste this wonderful opportunity.

Have a fun spring break!


***UPDATE: I’m better and had a wonderful Easter and I’m at the beach right now.***


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What is Easter all About?

Crosses, the Easter bunny, lent, egg hunts, and candy galore— why is Easter so important and why do Christians celebrate it?

No one knows exactly when Easter began but now it is celebrated in many countries around the globe. For Christians, we celebrate Easter as the time when we commemorate Jesus dying for our sins and conquering death by coming back to life three days after He was killed. Sounds pretty remarkable, right?

It can be hard to comprehend all Jesus did for us. For my devotions this morning, I read through all four gospel’s accounts of Jesus’s death (if you want to read about it too check out Matthew 27 & 28, Mark 15,  Luke 23 & 24, and/or John 19 & 20). I feel like I have a new appreciation for how much Jesus did for me. He experienced so much hardship that He did not have to go through. He could have stayed comfortable in heaven and let us mess up and go to hell, because that is what we deserved.

Instead, He went through many difficult thing. He sweated blood and begged God for some other way to save us but went through with it despite His feelings. He was betrayed by one of His close friends. He was falsely accused multiple times for “sins” he had not committed. He was ridiculed, spat on, and punched. He was mocked while dressed as a “king”. He was beaten with a staff, flogged, and ultimately crucified (a horrific Roman death which you can learn more about here).

There are two reasons why it is extraordinary that He did this. First:


To God it doesn’t matter if you’ve committed adultery or told one lie, you are tainted by sin. Key point: Jesus has never sinned. That made Him the perfect sacrifice, unlike us.  He went through all of these awful things and He did not in any way deserve any of them. He chose to because He loved you and me. We are the ones who deserve to be killed and crucified. Because of what He did, we can live forever in Heaven. He has conquered death!


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis is still true today isn’t it? It is very unlikely that a person would die for someone else. It is almost unheard of that someone,would die for a murderer or someone who is not a “good” person. Jesus did. In the next verse it says,


We didn’t clean up our act and then God thought, oh maybe I’ll send Jesus down to save them. We were sinning and He came down anyway. This truth is something to celebrate.

This is why Christians celebrate Easter. It marks the time when Jesus saved us from our hopelessness. If we believe that Jesus died and rose and ask him to forgive our sins, he will. Then, we are able to go to heaven.

If you don’t know Jesus very well (or at all) I challenge you to learn more about Him, what He did on Easter, and why it is so important. This coming Easter consider going to church. Check it out. You never know what you might discover.

If you already are a follower of Jesus, thank him for His amazing salvation. How can you let your light shine for Him this Easter season and furthermore?

Have a blessed and peaceful Easter!