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Delicious cookies (yes, that is their name) Recipe

Snow has returned…… I don’t know about you, but on frigid, cold days I love to munch on cookies. Where I live the weather has changed overnight from sweet spring back to wild winter.

I was looking back through a random folder of pictures I had taken and noticed a while ago (May 2016) I made some of MY MOST FAVORITE EVER COOKIES (don’t think that was grammatically correct but whatever). I thought it would be fun to share the recipe with you today using those old pictures. Warning; they aren’t the best because it was at night when I made these so there is a yellowy tinge to the pictures.

The cookies are called ‘delicious cookies’  because they are so tasty! My great grandma also are called them schoolhouse cookies because they make a big batch. Let’s hop right into the post.



1 C. (each)  butter, salad oil (I used vegetable), brown sugar, white sugar, Rice Krispies, oatmeal, and shredded coconut

1 egg

1 tsp. (each) coconut flavoring (optional), cream of tartar, baking soda, salt

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tablespoon imitation butter

12 oz. milk chocolate chips

3 1/2 C. flour


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Soften your butter in the microwave. I softened mine a little too much 😄

Add in all your ingredients! Yup, all at the same time 😉

I would suggest mixing in the normal cookies stuff before adding in the chocolate chips, Rice Krispies, and coconut. It will make it easier to mix.


This is what the completed batter looks like.


Scoop the batter onto a cookie sheet (you don’t need to grease them ).


Pop them in the oven until done. For us this is usually about 10 minutes. Let them sit for a minute on the tray before transferring them to a cooling rack.

Now eat these amazing cookies and then leave me a comment thanking me for introducing you to this amazingness 😉 😉 NOM, NOM

Just kidding!

I hope you like this recipe. Please let me know if you have any questions about the recipe or if you decide to try them out.

Have a wonderful week!


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Choosing Joy

It can be easy to be joyful around the Christmas season, summer vacation, or any other time where you are doing things you enjoy. But what about Monday mornings (personally, I love Monday’s but I know most people don’t) or weekends when you are sick and can’t hang out with your friends?

Joy is always being content with your situation and being happy in it. Paul is someone who demonstrates a crazy amount of joy.

Paul didn’t always have a lot to be joyful about. He was shipwrecked (multiple times!), persecuted, beaten, thrown in jail, on house arrest, and ultimately died painfully (1 Corinthians 11:23-33) . He chose to be joyful through all of that. He said,


I wish I could be as joyful as Paul is. I find it very easy to be happy, especially when I’m around my friends. When I’m tired or stuck at home doing school work, it is a different story. How can we choose to always be happy (aka joyful) even through tough circumstances?



Jesus is the only way we can ultimately have joy. We can’t find joy on our own. We need Him to help us along the way. In the Bible it mentions many times about doing incredible things through Christ. Christ can give us that strength to have joy if we ask him.

Whenever I really stop to think about what God has done for me it fills me with so much joy. I’m saved. I do not need to fear anything because God is there for me. He sent Jesus to die even though I do not deserve it. I am sinful and he was punished for it. It can be so hard to wrap my mind around but at the same time it fills me with a joy that is bubbling up

We have so much to be grateful for. I bet you can name five things right now. Do it (and tell me what they are below). Jesus has done so much for us.

So today, let us chose to have joy.

Have an awesome week!


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My Room Tour

I think the title explains everything 😉

Here is the entrance to my room. Right now I have a wreath on my door. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This is an over view of my room.


When you walk into my room and look to the left you will see my cool bird light switch, my purse (it is the perfect size and really cute), and my vanity. On top of my vanity, I keep the things I use everyday (like deodorant and moisturizer) and all my jewelry on it. I have a mirror hanging over it with Christmas lights strung around it. I really like the vibe they add.


Next up is my dry erase calendar. I use this thing all the time. It is really useful. Next to it is my closet.

This is my work space where I write all my posts. I have my trashcan and my desk. On my desk I have glass that covers the wood. Under that I have a bunch of pictures, quotes, and mementos of things I’ve done. This area is where I do school and write on my laptop (which isn’t in the picture). Above my desk I have my two windows and I can look out onto the street and have lots of natural light for my work space.

Next we have my bureau where I keep out of season clothes.On that wall I have awards from when I did AWANA and some framed pictures of when I was a baby. On top of my dresser I keep some antique dolls (some of which are my moms), my make-up bag, piggy bank (I collect loose change), and a Bath and Body Works candle.


Next to that is my book shelf. I only have the top row full of books because I hate how much space books take up. I also have a radio. Yup, such an old-fashioned device, I know.


I have one more window in my bedroom because I’m on the corner room.


Across from my door is my bed. My grandma made my quilt. I also have Christmas lights strung around the headboard. It makes my room so cozy. Above my bed, I have a board with pictures of my friends and Bible verses.


Beside that I have baby pictures of me and a picture made by my great grandma. Beneath that, I have a nightstand with my lamp and clock. On the bottom of that I keep my Bible, journals, and whatever book I’m reading.

That is a full 360 of my room. Thanks for reading! I hope your day is fabulous. If you have any questions on where anything in my room is from comment below and I’ll make sure to let you know.

What’s your favorite part of your room?


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Everlasting Love

For some, today is filled with gooey chocolates and sweet love notes while for others it is a day that reminds them about what all their “missing out”on. All around the world, people are looking for something to fill them up. Many people turn to relationships and another person.

Those who don’t have this can be reminded of it, especially on a day full of showing others how much you love them. They can feel lonely and unloved. Even if we reach what we think will bring us happiness: a job, a friend, a significant other, a certain amount of followers, etc. We will realize that it didn’t fill us up and we will just keep searching.There is a way to find something that will fill us completely, a love greater than you can imagine.


You want to hear more about an everlasting love that is immeasurable and incomprehensible? Read the Bible. It is a book full of love letters for you from God, the one who made you and who holds the world in His hands. I want to show you one way that God shows us His awesome love.

God created us perfect. We decided to mess up and go our own way. God is holy and therefore, has no sin in Him. We can not be around Him because of our sin.


As it says in the verse above, we sinned. Therefore what is the consequence? Death. You may be thinking, we all die, right? Yes, we all physically die. That doesn’t mean we have to spend eternity separated from God (in a place called hell).

Then there is the magic word, but. This isn’t the end of the story. Even after mankind disobeyed God the first time, [Genesis 3], He loved us and wanted to work out a way for us to be with Him.

The only way this would be possible is if we somehow became blameless and pure. If one man could be pure then he could take on everyone’s sin, dying, falsely accused.

Before it was time for God’s full plan to come into action the Jews [God’s chosen people] had to go every year to sacrifice a lamb in exchange for their sins. The blameless lamb took on their sins and died in their place. This was obviously not an ideal situation. God wanted something that could be for everyone and last forever.


God sent his one and only son to die for us [Jesus]. Jesus became like the lamb, except through Him it could be once and for all.We weren’t perfect [or any where near it] when God sent His son. Jesus came in the middle of our rebellion.

What did we do to earn this gift? Nothing. Zap, nada, none. Even if we were trying, nothing we would do could ever come close. God showed His outstanding love for us in this.

Are you starting to see the theme? We messed up and fell short time and time again and God still loved us. He demonstrated this when He sent His son. No one can love you as much as God. We all fail and disappoint. God’s love is unfailing.

We have the chance to accept this free choice of spending an eternity with God and accepting His love. You know that feeling you receive when you mess up so badly and you feel worthless? God can take that away. He loves you so much and forgives you of all those crummy things you’ve done.


Do you want to know how you can receive this free gift? In Romans 10:9 it says, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

That isn’t very hard, is it? God forgives us each and every time we mess up. Most importantly, we don’t have to be perfect to believe in Him. So, what’s holding you back from accepting this radiant love that will never run out?

If you are feeling down today remember that there is a God out there that knows you by name and loves you.


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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

I’m so happy to finally share this post with you! I’ve watched plenty of day in the life videos but I’ve never seen a blog post about it or one from a homeschooler’s point of view. I thought that would be fun to share with you all. I hope you like it (if you do please leave me a comment 🙂 ).

Are you curious about what a homeschooler’s day is like? Just keep reading.

7:11 am


I wake up. Usually I wake up at seven, but my alarm decided not to work this morning so, 7:11 it was.

When I first wake up I go to the bathroom and wash my face with freezing cold water to make myself more alert.


Then, I go back to my room and do my devotions. Getting in a habit of spending time with God everyday is an awesome thing I think everyone should do. It has really helped me learn more about God, get me into His word, and pray.


After about thirty minutes, I finish my devotions and make my bed.


Next, I dressed and did my hair.


Now my favorite part of my morning, breakfast! This morning I had one of my favorite smoothies, PB&J. I like smoothies for breakfast because you get lots of nutrients and they and easy to make. I found my recipe at Blogilates (link to the recipe here). When making shakes don’t be afraid to add some greens. It may not look as pretty but you won’t taste it and you’ll get all that fiber.


While I’m eating– or in this case drinking my breakfast– I bullet journal out my goals for the day.


After this I brushed my teeth. If you have braces, I recommend a water pick and electric toothbrush. They make braces so much easier!

On Tuesdays (which is what day it was), I do my laundry so I threw the first load of that in.


We then had family devotions. We use the devotion Jesus Calling. It is really easy to read and I get a lot out of it.


I started my day after that. I always begin by practicing piano.


My mom was ready for us to do history after that, which is the only subject we all do together. We colored a map and label it while my mom reads from the book.


Next, I did math because I like to get it out of the way.


I completed my other books next. These are grammar, spelling, and English stuff.


I then moved on to my co-op work. My co-op is on Wednesday and so I need to have all my homework done before that. We just finished up reading some Shakespeare (which was my first time ever reading it) in my literature class. It was so well written!

My mom checked my writing homework (She is my #1 editor!).

I stopped school to FaceTime my friend for a little bit. This is a nice benefit about homeschooling, you can take a break and do other things, though I usually like to get it done all at once.

At 12:45, I was finished with school. YAY! *dances around the room*


I cooked myself lunch, which was some leftovers. So I didn’t technically cook….


After that I read the posts in my reader and replied to comments.  I’ve been getting better at doing that lately, yay!


I finished up my laundry and made my bed.


This day I had a lot of extra time so I worked on my bullet journal for an hour.

I also filled out my application for Maine this day too. Last year I went on a missions trip to Maine. This year I am going back! I can’t wait. I posted about what it is like going on a missions trip here 😉

I did my other Tuesday chore which is cleaning the cat’s liter box.


Next, I packed my swim bag, picked out an outfit for co-op, and got my co=op stuff together.


I had found a healthy cookie recipe on Pintrest so I tried them (here is the link to the recipe). They were good but not as good as chocolate chip cookies. I will always love my chocolate chip cookies!


I then made my lunch for co-op. I put in tons of veggies! I also helped my mom with dinner by making sweet potato fries. They are so delicious almost as tasty as normal fries.

At about 5:30 we left for swimming (we ate on the way). My brothers swim first so that is why we leave so early.

Then at 7pm I hopped in the pool for swim team. Our warm up was not fun AT ALL. We had to do 36 laps straight. Later we had to do a 400 IM (that is four laps each of all the different strokes). I definitely got an intense workout.  We finished at 8:30.


I then took a shower, traveled back home, and got ready for bed.

Before I slept, I wrote in my journal. At 9:48 pm I turned off my light and went to bed.


This obviously isn’t what everyday of mine is like. Some days I have less free time then this or I have more school work. It all depends. This also isn’t to say this is what all homeschoolers do. Each homeschooler is unique and their day is different. Just wanted to mention this!

What is your favorite part of your day?


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Guess who was nominated for Some Awards? (Me!)

A few days ago I was nominated for two awards, the Selcouth award (which I had never heard of) and the Blogger Recognition award (I’ve done it before in this post). I hadn’t done an award post in FOREVER so I though it would be fun to do one or two so here I am :D!!! I was nominated by Rachel and Julia! You should really check out their blogs because they have awesome content 🙂

(Selcouth award) Rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you (and a link if you’re willing).
  • Nominate 5-10 blogs (links too!).
  • Answer the 13 questions given, and give the definition of your favourite (or just beautiful) word.
  •  Ask 13 questions of your own. They must all be about writing, reading, books or book characters. Make them as creative/wacky/selcouth as can be!
  1. What do you want to do with your life?

Well, that’s a deep way to start this post. Ultimately, I want to show people God’s love (so much so that they come to a relationship with him) and I want to be bold in following God wherever he leads me. Everything else falls under those two things.

2. Do you live with your character (mourn with them, rejoice with them)?

Not really. Though I think if I was a full time author or I wrote everyday on a certain story I would start to do that 😀

3. What’s your favorite book turned movie?

The Chronicles of Narnia! I love that series and the movies.

4. How do you get your writing ideas?

A few different ways. Sometimes I’m just sitting thinking and an idea just pops into my head. Other times through reading things on Pintrest, books, and WordPress or through real life experiences. I get inspiration from everything and I try to write it down as soon as I think of it (otherwise I’ll forget 😉 )

5. Which book would you burn?

The Illiad! I had to read it for school recently and I really did not like it. It is just really long winded and there is wayyyyy to much strife.

6. Which book would you like to take credit for?

The whole Percy Jackson series (be prepared for a lot of PJ and HoO mentions up ahead!) Rick Riordan’s writing is so captivating. He’s really good at sarcasm too. He introduced me to the third POV. I always think I know what is going to happen in his books and then it’s never what I thought. I could keep going but I won’t because I’m sure you get the point. I would love to take credit for his work.

7. Which book character would you like to be your brother or sister?

This such a hard question! It think Jason (Heroes of Olympus series), Tanner (Forever Faithful), and Peter (The Chronicles of Narnia) would make great brothers. I would like Piper (Heroes of Olympus series) or Jenny (Forever Faithful) as sisters.

8. Which book do you wish was a movie?

I wish they would make The Angles Walking Series into movies or make The Percy Jackson Series into movies based ON THE BOOKS.

9. How would you re-write Swiss Family Robinson? I really don’t like that book!

I haven’t read the book so I don’t think it would be fair to try to re-write it 😉

10. Which book character would you like to take out of a book and which book?

PERCY JACKSON (The Percy Jackson series/Heroes of Olympus)!!!

11. Which character is your soulmate?

No book character I’ve read so far embodies my soul mate.

12. Which author would you like to meet?

I would love to meet Karen Kingsubury. I love her books and she really inspires me.

13. How would you best describe Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia?

Empathetic, innocent, kindhearted, trusting. Lucy is adorable 🙂

My favorite word is average but I love the meaning. Haha, I just said it! Love.

Alright, now onto my questions:

  1. If you were only allowed to have one book (and read nothing else) what book would that be?
  2. What is the most boring thing you’ve written or been forced to write?
  3. When did you start reading?
  4. What book character is your soulmate?
  5. Who is your favorite character that you’ve created?
  6. If you could rewrite one book what would it be?
  7. Do you prefer writing nonfiction or reading nonfiction?
  8. What book would you like to take credit for?
  9. Which author would you want to meet?
  10. How do you get your ideas for you books?
  11. What is our favorite type of fiction to write (action, fantasy, romance, etc.)
  12. What book would you erase from existence?
  13. How would you write about a character that you hate?

The Blogger Recognition Award! – Love My Dollies

  • Thank that awesome nominator! And give a link to their blog(S)
  • Write a post about this award
  • Give a short bit about how/why your started your website
  • Give two bits of advice for bloggers.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers
  • Tell those 15 bloggers via comment!

Thank you Julia (Love My Dollies) for tagging me!! I was so excited to get to do this again 🙂

How I started my blog:

In 2014, I had watched some YouTube videos and read some blog posts about dolls and I thought that it was cool. My friend Hayley and I then participated in a website coding class. We didn’t learn enough to make our own websites, but Hayley told me about WordPress. Through plenty of prompting by her I started americangirlguide (if you want to read more about me and why I blog click here)

My advice:

  1. Resize your pictures. I wish someone had told me this when I started blogging!  If you don’t you’ll use up three GB worth of space pretty quickly. It’s really easy to do and saves lots of space. All you have to do is put the pictures into an editor (I use Picmonkey) and click resize. I like mine 400X300.
  2. Don’t let your blogging become a stress. I know, I know, easier said then done. You should enjoy your blog. If you are staying up way past when you should, just to get out a post (that might not even be the best quality) or not letting yourself take a break because you don’t have any time.You need to take a breather. Blogging should be fun.


For both awards, I nominate anyone who wants to do them!

I hope you like reading awards as much as I do!

Have a blessed day. Talk to you in the comments 😉


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5 Ways I Beat a Blogging Slump

If you have had a blog for a while then you have probably felt uninspired or you just don’t feel like blogging at least once before. This has happened to me quite often, so today I thought I would share five ways I beat a blogging slump.

1. Rest.

Sometimes you need a break from the blogging world. Don’t worry about your blog or if your followers will stay (because unless you are unheard from for months on end this isn’t going to happen), it will be fine. You are supposed to be enjoying this break. When you feel like you are ready just hop right back in to blogging. If you cannot spring right back into blogging, try the other five tips. During this break, you could also use the time to become organized with school work or other reasons that you are having less time for school work.

2. Be Inspired.


When you don’t know what to post or you are just feeling lazy you need to be inspired. This might be through using Pintrest, reading someone’s blog, watching a YouTube video, or talking with other bloggers. I know whenever I talk to any of my blogging friends I am motivated to write. Pintrest group boards are also really great for collaborative ideas (link to my Pintrest here). I recommend writing down ten post ideas– they can be horrible— this is a sure-fire way to feel inspired. Take inspiration from your favorite posts to read and things you’ve seen recently in the community.

3. Become Organized.

You have lots of ideas but they are all in your head you can easily lose them. There is usually more pressure you will feel if you aren’t organized. Here are just a few organization ideas that make everything so much easier:

-Create a schedule, even if you decide not to follow it. It is always a safe idea to have an outline.

-Write out the theme of your blog. If your blog doesn’t have a purpose, then it will be harder to tailor ideas to use.

-Create goals. Goals will give you a point of which to work from. If you know what you want to do and when you can pin-point exactly how to accomplish them.

Hayley (Flourishingbyrestfulfalls) did a really great series about blogging that I really recommend. She had so many positive responses with it. Here is the link to the first part.

4. Try Something new.


Starting with something that is fresh and new can jump start your productivity. Whether it is a new type of post, season change, blog theme, or a new way of taking photos doing something new will help get you excited about blogging. Find something new and challenging that you love. For me, this was experimenting more with photography especially through taking more vertical pictures (like the one above).

5. Start Small.


Now that you have all these ideas and plans you may start to become overwhelmed. Take baby steps. With so many goals you may become frustrated about accomplishing it all. I think it is best to start with a few simple goals. For you that might be posting twice a week for a month, while for someone else it might be posting twice in a month. If you can easily accomplish the few minor goals you set, move on and slowly add more. If it doesn’t work, simplify your goals and try more minute.

Those are five of my tips to beat a blogging slump. Let me know your tips and suggestions by commenting. Also, I would love to know if you like this type of post and want more of them. Talk to you soon!


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Everyone Except for Samantha (agdollawesome) Please Read This!

I thought this was such a sweet idea by Julia. Check it out and pass it on! If you are Samantha (agdollawesome) DO NOT READ THIS!

Love My Dollies

Hello My Beautiful Internet Beans!

Except for you Samantha. If your reading this.. GET OUT. (You’ll find what this is all about eventually. For now, please have patience, and leave 🙂 ) I’ll give you some time to leave.

Okay, now that Samantha is gone, let’s get on to today’s topic.

Samantha’s birthday happened recently, (December 31st to be specific), and to celebrate her birthday I’m going to make her a poster. I am going to put “Happy Birthday Samantha! ~The Online AG Community” in the middle. On the outside, well that’s where I need your help. On the outside, around the words I’m going to fill it up with names.

More specifically your names. The names of the online AG community.

So, if you want to be apart of this, simply comment that your name, and that you…

View original post 105 more words

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Dear BFFL (Hayley),

It’s your birthday once again, you are another year older. This year, especially in this past month you’ve been going through a lot. I’ve been amazed at how you through the circumstances remained positive, joyful, and most importantly, faithfully rooted in your Savior. Even though, other would have gotten angry with God for what happened you didn’t. You trusted (and are trusting) him. You may not realize it but others are watching you and seeing how you have handled the situation with grace. I admire you so much and look up to you (despite the fact I’m older 😉 )


You’ve always been there for me and you are one of the best listeners I know. You were the one who introduced me to WordPress and the reason I created a blog. Without your influence, I may never have found my love of writing and photography.

I love you to pieces! Thanks for showing me God’s love through how you live. I miss you so much, though I know your move helped us grow closer as friends.


I’ll be thinking and praying for you today. I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be. Have fun in the snow!

Love your BFFL,


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10 Things to do on Winter Break

Hiya (I feel like a karate person)! Well, Christmas is over now and break stretches on for still another week at least. What are you going to do with all this time? You may already have lots of plans or you may not have any, whatever the case here are ten things to do on winter break.

  1. Take a walk. The past few days I’ve been doing this and it is snow (puns 🙂 ) refreshing. It gives your eyes a chance to rest from all the screen time you are probably having and also provides you with physical activity. So just get out and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

2. Bake a treat. This is a something I think everyone has done at least once during the winter. I personally love baking and trying new recipes. I especially like trying new recipes I find on Pintrest (check out my Pintrest here).

3. Do a random act of kindness. There are so many ways to help people in need and there are usually even more opportunities around the holidays. You could bake someone something like I mentioned above or bring in cans to a local food drive. Giving back brings so much joy to you and others around you.

4. It is break, take some time to relax and pamper yourself. Read a book, use a bath bomb or face mask, and drink some tea (or cocoa!).

5. Hangout with friends. During school you may be too busy to have time to hang out with your friends so during break have some quality time with your friends. Maybe you could plan a day to go shopping and spend Christmas money, bake a treat together, do a random act of kindness with friends, or do manicures on each other.

6. Take a photo shoot. Take photos are a lot of fun and can really boost self-esteem. This is something you can do with your friends. Plus, you’ll have tons of great Instagram pics for the new year.


7. Look through old pictures and notebooks. This is a unique and fun way to pass time.

8. Spend time with God. This is something that we should be doing everyday, but you can never spend too much time with God. Being able to just sit and relax in his presence, starting a new Bible study series, or spending extra time praying for people is an awesome way to spend time over break.

9. Hangout with family. If you can, hanging out with family is something really fun to do. Play games with your siblings (our favorites our golf, rummy, and Uno), talk to grandparents, watch Christmas movies together, or bake something.

10. Write letters. I love sending and receiving snail mail. It can be hard to sit down and write a card during the business of life, but over break you have more time. You could write thank you notes to people who sent you presents, send to a far away friends (I’m looking at you Hayley), or distant family members that you are not able to see often.

Well there you go, ten things you should do on winter break. So get off your computer and go have some fun 🙂 Thanks for reading!