My Dolls

Here Are My Dolls!


Ag stuff 060


Name: Jessica

Age: 11 (Older twin)

Birthday: November 9th

AG Doll: #28 Medium skin, Short Brown Hair, Brown eyes

Favorite color: Neon Green, Too bright!

Favorite Ice Cream flavor: Moose Tracks

Hobbies: Art, Horse back riding, Reading and Sports

Fun fact: Has been riding since she was 3!

Personality: Jessica is friendly and outgoing. She is also sporty and likes to dress casual.

Her story: Jessica is the athletic one. She likes sports and the outdoors. Get’s along awesomely with Bailey. Bethany is her total opposite.

How I got her: I got Jessica for my birthday in 2010. She is my first doll.

BethAugust and September 2014 026


Name: Bethany

Age: 11 (Younger twin)

Birthday: November 9th

AG Doll: #59 Light Skin, Layered Brown Hair, Brown eyes

Favorite color: Fuchsia

Fun fact: She is a great speller!

Hobbies: Jazz, Ballet, Running and Design

Favorite ice cream: “I don’t like Ice cream, Fro-yo all the way!”

Personality: Bethany is a MAJOR girly girl. She loves fashion.

Her story: Bethany is totally crazy. She is best friends with Nikki and even though she is a twin with Jessica they are completely different in every way 🙂

How I got her: I went to the AG store in November 2013 and I bought her at the store.



Name: Bailey Kate

Age: 14

Birthday: December 6th

AG Doll: MAG #33 Curly red hair, blue eyes,light skin, and standard face mold

Favorite color: Indigo

Favorite Subject: CHEMISTRY! Weird!

What she does in her free time: Piano, Science and anything relating to nature.

Fun Fact: She was in National geographic.

Favorite Ice cream flavor: Choclate

Her story: Just like her mom she loves chemistry. She also enjoys school and is the brainiac of the family.

How I got her: For my birthday of 2014 my parents gave me money and I used that to buy Bailey. I thought she would be my last doll but…..



Name: Nikki

Age: 13

Birthday: October 27

AG doll: She’s an old Just like you 23# light skin, Blue eyes, Standard face mold, and Medium length brown hair. She is not retried.

Favorite color: turquoise

Favorite thing to do: Photography

Favorite Ice cream flavor: Strawberry cheese cake

Personality and Hobbies: Nikki is outgoing and a total extrovert. She also loves to create new outfits. For fun she films videos for her YouTube channel and creates DIY projects.

Her story: Nikki is adopted. She is very outgoing and super laid back and funny. She is obsessed with Netflix.

How I got her: My cousin gave me her old doll for Christmas 2014. She is MAG 23# but she looks like GOTY 2007 Nikki Fleming so I named her Nikki. After that I was POSITIVE I wouldn’t get another doll…but well things happened 🙂



Name: Brooklyn Meadow (Thanks Maddi!)

Age: 12

Birthday: April 16th

AG Doll: #55 Dark brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes, freckles, standard face mold, feathered eyebrows

Favorite Color: Scarlet

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies ‘n’ Cream with gummy worms and hot fudge

Hobbies: Playing flute, Drama club, and Swim Team

How I got her: My friend Shanti got her in 2013 or 2014, but didn’t play with her a lot. She had been looking to get rid of her doll and asked if I wanted her. I said yes immediately and now, Brooklyn is at home with us.


So those are my dolls. If you’re wondering why Jessica and Bethany have the same birthday it’s because I decided they should be twins. Jessica’s real birthday is November 12th I think.



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