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Using a Bullet Journal in Blogging {{Collab w/ Hayley}}

I’m doing a collab today!! Hayley (my BFFL who writes at FlourishingbyRestfulFalls) and I like bullet journaling, so we decided to do a collaboration about it. We wanted to show ya’ll how to use it with your blog. Everyone is unique and so we wanted to show the different ways we use our bullet journals to enhance our blog.

You can check out her post here. She has also posted other bullet journaling inspiration on her blog so make sure to go read some of her posts. For the record, I was the one who got Hayley into bullet journaling, so I deserve the credit 😉 😉

I use my bullet journal four different ways to manage blogging (There are so many others! Just do a quick search on Pintrest). Here they are:


I use it to keep track of what I want to post. I guess this would be a mix between an editorial calendar and a post idea list. I love blogging as a hobby, so I don’t give myself extremely high expectations for it. At the beginning of the year I wrote down twelve post ideas that I wanted to write this year (that is once a month, which is not very hard). Every time I complete one of them I check it off.


I keep a running list of all my blog post ideas. Usually my post ideas come to me through out the day randomly (for instance when I”m practicing playing the piano). I write these down in my bullet journal. I have them somewhat color coded by topic. Nothing super strict but a general idea. This is awesome because whenever I need a post idea I can glance at this and I’m bombarded by ideas.


I created a tracker to help me track my habits. In the top I write the different category’s and then everyday I complete them I color in the box. At the end of them month you can see if you completed your habits and it also looks aesthetically pleasing. I looked back on my March tracker and I was extremely consistent (sorry I wasn’t able to take an updated picture of it!). The tracker really helped me want to and remember to read the posts in my reader and such.

You can also do this with non-blog related things as well.


Finally, I created an inspiration page in my bullet journal to keep my inspired. Here I write (very colorfully) various reasons why I love blogging, specifically, ‘blogging things that make me smile.’

It is really fun and inspiring to write down new things. I can look back at them and get inspiration to write more.

Those are the ways I use bullet journaling to help me blog! Don’t forget to check out Hayley’s post here.

Do you use a bullet journal? If so, how? If you don’t, do you want to start one?

Have a wonderful day!




24 thoughts on “Using a Bullet Journal in Blogging {{Collab w/ Hayley}}

  1. This is a really awesome post, Rebekah! I want to bullet journal, but I’m already bad at time management so I think I’ll wait till I have more time to tend to it. XD And I’ve made a habit tracker too! Just for fun, and just to help. 🙂

  2. Lovely post, Rebekah! After reading you girls’ posts, now I think maybe I should get a bullet journal myself… XD They look quite helpful and fun!

    1. My advice is to find lots of inspiration and figure out how you want to use it. Reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, and looking it up on Pintrest are all awesome ways to figure out what you like. Then just have fun with it because there is no wrong or right way.

      1. Blogging is so fun. Once again, you can find so much inspirtaion through reading other blogs and Pintrest. Get invovled in the blogging community. Reading, following, and commenting on other people’s blogs really helps get you out there. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun with it. If you are blogging to make money I can’t really help you because I just blog for fun. I hope this helps!!

  3. Great tips! I do some bullet journaling and really like it. I like your tip on writing down things you love about blogging! I think I might make a page like that to use for blogging as well other things (such as why I love my family, writing, God, etc.). 🙂

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