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Where do I See Myself in Ten Years?

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Hi there! So a few weeks ago, Loren posted where she saw herself in ten years and I got inspired to do the same thing, so here it is. She got this post from Nabila, check out her original post here.

Where do you see yourself job-wise?

I’m not sure because I don’t have a firm idea of what I want to do as of now. I think I will probably be an intern since most of the positions I want I would need some experience with. I really like the fields of social work, counseling, teaching, and ministry. I’m not exactly sure which one I’ll chose but it will definitely be relating to kids.

Do you see yourself married?

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I don’t think I’ll be married yet. I would like to get married but it all depends on what God’s will is. I wouldn’t say it is out of the question, but I don’t think I’d be ready to get married since I wouldn’t have a stable job.

Do you see yourself having kids?

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No. I probably won’t be married by then so I won’t have kids, but even if I am married I don’t think I’d want kids immediately (since I probably won’t have been married for long). I love kids and definitely plan on having a few (at least!) but I think I’d wait a couple of years first.

What kind of house would you want to live in?

Honestly, I don’t care. I would rather live out in the suburbs or at least not in the city, but I would if I had to. I would like a roommate (especially my BFFL) but I could live alone too. I’m not very  picky, as long as it is clean and not in a bad area.

Where do you see yourself blog wise?

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Well, honestly I don’t know. IF I continue using this blog for that long I know I’ll definitely change the URL. I love blogging but I don’t know if I’ll really have time for it being freshly out of college. We’ll have to wait ten years and find out 😀 Honestly I love blogging so much and I would hate not to be able to do it.

Do you see yourself having a pet?

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Most likely yes. I love animals (especially dogs and cats) and feel protected having a dog around. I would really like an animal and the only reasons I wouldn’t have one was if I didn’t have enough money or if my apartment didn’t allow pets.

Do you see yourself having a car?

Yes. I’ll need a car to get me places. It won’t need to be a fancy one just something that works and doesn’t break often.

I hope you liked this tag! Feel free to leave your answers down below! Thank you so much to Nabila for creating this tag.

This is a fun tag, though I’m sure everything will be quite different in ten years. I have my own ideas, I know God has bigger and better journey for me. Even though I can’t see it now I know he has a plan and I can’t wait to follow it and see where it leads!

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