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Word Crafters

It’s my turn for Word Crafters!! Wahooo! If you have no clue what I’m talking about read it here. To read the last part, done by Hayley click here and to see the whole story click here. Whew, now that all the linking is done, let’s just dive into my story, literally!


I felt a meaty hand grab the soft cream-colored dress  and yank me abroad deck. I started to scream, but a hand covered my mouth. Jacob was gone! Five minutes later I found myself neatly tied up with about ten different ropes. A pirate with a big, maroon colored cap introduced himself, “I am Captain Hook, owner of this ship and its surrounding seas. I’d like to know what you are doing in my waters?”

“Uh,” I faltered, “It’s a really long story, involving wolves, Goldilocks, and a yellow brick road.”

“What? Men, do you understand this girl?” Captain Hook asked addressing his pirates.

“No,” a few grunted.

“Well, whatever your reason is girly you had no business being in MY sea…” I’m sure he would have continued but just then I heard something, it almost sounded like a clock. “Tic, toc, tic,” it went.

Captain Hook jumped into action and began to spit out directions wildly! “Pull up the anchor! Turn the ship!”

What could that ticking be? Why was he so scared? BUMP. I felt the boat vibrate beneath me. Someone screamed, “CAP., It’s Tic Toc Croc and he’s mad!”

“Untie the girl, make her walk the plank!” Hook bellowed.

“NO, NO!” I yelled.

Could this really happen in a fairy tale?  A surge of men began pushing me toward the plank. At the end I saw a giant, nasty, green thing. It was opening its gargantuan mouth just waiting for me. I was at the edge now. I closed my eyes and jumped.

Down, Down, I went. My eyes popped open, it was dark.  I felt thick, plastic walls around me. Why was there plastic inside a crocodile? Below me I spotted a speck of light.

Humph. I fell down the hole and looked around. There I saw a strange-looking boy clad in green and, and Jacob!I cried.

“It’s me, in the flesh,” he replied grinning.

“I must be dreaming. I was just swallowed by a giant crocodile.” I said, still not comprehending.

The boy in green spoke up, “Wow, you are clueless about fairy tales. Wendy kept some secrets when she wrote our adventures I suppose. Tic Toc Croc is really just something I built to scare Hook.”

“Peter pan?” I asked still stunned.

“Sure is, I found him, right after you got captured. And so, being the kind-hearted soul I am, I begged Peter to help me rescue you,” Jacob claimed.

“He sure did. I thought he would have just about had a cow if I hadn’t said yes.” Peter Pan said.

I couldn’t believe that somebody, Jacob especially, would risk his life to save me. “Woah, thanks Jacob!”

I engulfed him in a hug. Had I just made a friend? I didn’t have time to dwell on that though, because everything began to swirl together into a blur of colors. Where would our expedition lead us next? I could only hold on and wait.


I can’t wait to see what you write Megan. Did you like my addition to the story? It was so fun to write! Thanks so much Josie and Allison for putting this together. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Here is my picture for the Boring into beautiful challenge held by Megan.


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That’s all for now:) See you soon!



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