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(Episode 5 of After Camp)

*If you haven’t read the previous episode won’t make sense so click *here* to read it.


“I have been offered the new position! It would mean we might need to transfer to San Francisco in a few months.” my dad announced.


“WHAT?! You said no, right?” I exclaimed.

“I haven’t given them an answer yet. I will need to before our meeting Tuesday. I think it will be good for us to have a change.”


“But Daddy,” I pouted, “I like it here just fine! This is my home.-” After that, I rushed off.

Jake tried to stop me, but I wiggled out of his grasp and ran to my room.

Aisha’s POV



“Aisha, I’m sorry to have to call you back, but we have something very important to discuss,” Principal Fletcher said.

“I received this note, ” she explained.


“It is an anonymous note from one of our students telling me that you have been fighting and threatening them,” she continued, “I’m not saying I believe them, but I still have to tell your social worker. I hope that we can resolve this and that you didn’t do this Aisha.”


I walked into the door after talking with the principal. How could someone do this? I tried to hold back the tears, but soon my eyes became blurry and the tears escaped. Wait, I heard voices. It was Eileen and Paul.

“I don’t know, Paul. I’m not feeling so confident that she is improving. I’d never thought she’d be so naughty,” Eileen said.

“We have to give them an answer. Do you think it’s working out or do you think we need to send her back?”

Β They couldn’t do this to me. This was the only place I’d ever felt at home, but what could I do about it?


*Novia and Aisha are on the phone*

“Aisha! I have horrible news. My dad has been offered the new position! We have about a week to decide,” Novia said hurriedly.

“Oh-no. I have a problem, too. Someone, Britney I think, slipped a note under Ms. Fletcher’s door. It was about me and how I’ve been hurting her and threatening her. Now, it is on my record and I overheard my foster parents talking. I think they are going to send me away,” I sobbed.


“Aisha, listen closely, we only have one more option. Execute Operation Alamo!” Novia said.


Wow, this series is almost over! I decided that the next part will be the finale, but it will be split up into two parts. So I’ll keep torturing you until almost the end of February! This coming weekend I’m going on a retreat so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to post. It depends on if I have time πŸ˜‰

Loren nominated me for the quote challenge! Thanks Loren πŸ™‚

The rules:

  • Β Post a quote a day for three days
  • Nominate three new people each day
  • To those who are nominated: you don’t have to post for three days in a row if you don’t want to, just make sure you do it for at least one day to pass on the challenge.

Here is my first quote:


I know it’s from the Bible, but this verse spoke to me when I was really feeling down. I read it often. Today I nominate:

Short Girl



Have fun with the challenge!

One last and final thing. If you have faithfully read to the end and see this comment Gummy bears! Anyway, here is my entry for a coloring challenge hosted by Megan and K.A.


Ok, I’m done. You are free to leave, but it would be cool if you took an extra second to comment! Have a great Saturday.



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