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Massanutten Resort {Travel Diary}

Hey guys! A while back I posted about my family’s trip to Great Wolf Lodge (read it here) and everyone really liked that post so I decided to share about the vacation I went on a few weeks ago with my mom, dad, brothers, and grandparents. We went to a resort called Massanutten.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to brag in any way, I know that people like this type of post so I decided to share.

Day 1 (Friday)

On Friday we arrived at the resort. I took pictures of every room so I could show you a tour. We rented the top and bottom floor of the condo. Β They both have the same layout so I’m showing you everything once.

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Day 2 (Saturday)

On Saturday my brothers did this cool bungee dome thing, where you are attached at the waist with a cable and you can jump super high.


Later that day, we went on a hike. Six years ago, we went to Massanutten and my dad hid three rocks in a tree along the path (one for me and one for each of my brothers). We came back and found them, six years later! We were pretty excited to see that they had survived that long and that we had remembered where we put them.

Day 3 (Sunday)

I found out that some of my friends that I’ve met through blogging lived in the area and we got to meet up! I went to their church and then we went over for lunch at their house. I had such a fun time! I’m so glad I was able to meet some of my online friends face to face.

I tried to make it so it looks like she’s holding the camera πŸ™‚

On a side note I did bring a doll on the trip. Nikki came with me and I got a very nice photo shoot with her (it’s quite long). Let me know if you want me to post it!

Day 4 (Monday)

On Monday we explored a place in the resort called ‘The Family Adventure Park’. They had ropes courses, zipplining, rock climbing, tubing, and more! I just did the tubing since I was saving my money to go horseback riding, but my brothers did everything (it looked really fun).

the skunk

(sorry for the bad quality, it’s on my iPod)

We went and saw The Secret Life of Pets that night for my brother’s birthday present. It was pouring rain when we left our condo and we saw a skunk! It was really cute but also a little scary because it was very close.

Day 5 (Tuesday)


On Tuesday we went to a water park. Yup, there was a water park at the resort! It was a blast and similar to Great Wolf Lodge in some ways. The lazy river was awesome (and better than Great Wolf Lodge I think). They also had an outdoor water park as well.

I did everything in the park :). The water slides were awesome. I conquered my fear and went on the two pitch black ones which I’m quite proud of.

My family and I had tons of fun and it was definitely a highlight of our trip. We were so busy having fun that I forgot to take any more pictures…. Oops!

Day 6 (Wednesday)

On Wednesday my mom and I went to the pool and swam laps which was really enjoyable (I feel like only swimmers say that πŸ˜€ ). We also went mini golfing that day. That evening we went to an amazing local restaurant and I had really good chili.

Day 7 (Thursday)


On Thursday I went horseback riding! I had never done it before so it was a new experience.

After that I met another blogger! We went swimming together and talked. I had a great time!

On Thursday I finally took some photos of the deer we’d been seeing all week. There was a mom and her three babies. I guess people had fed them before because they weren’t very afraid of humans.

Day 8 (Friday)

On Friday we woke up and left the resort. We stopped for IHOP first. It took longer than expected to get home, but finally at four o’ clock (PM) we arrived home.

Clara said when she got back from her vacation she was glad to sleep in her own bed and I whole heartedly agree. I was VERY happy to get back to my room and my soft bed πŸ˜›

Funny story: On Friday I opened the car door and a ball that was in our car rolled out and down the very steep hill. Before I caught it, it got stuck in the bushes we had seen the skunk in! My brother had to fish it out with a broom. The rest of my family was waiting on us since they were ready to go! It was quite a scene.

I had a great trip and I’m so thankful I was able to go and spend time with my family.


Have you ever been to a Massanutten resort? What did you do for vacation this summer?

I hope you are having an amazing week!

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I’m pretty sure everyone is in school by now…. So, happy school day πŸ˜€



15 thoughts on “Massanutten Resort {Travel Diary}

  1. I’m so glad your family had such a wonderful vacation and you got to meet blogging friends… that’s really special. But the story about the 3 rocks is my favorite part of this post. ❀ it!!

  2. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun! πŸ˜€ If you don’t mind me asking, what bloggers did you meet? πŸ™‚

    -Clara ❀

    1. Yes, it was super fun. I didn’t put the names of the bloggers I met with because I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to mention who they were (for privacy reasons) but if they see this comment they may tell you.

  3. Sounds like so much fun! That’s super neat that the rocks were still there! πŸ˜€ Ooh, I LOVE waterparks! It’s really neat that you got to see a skunk, too! Once we were at our county fair and we saw a skunk peek out from a tank near where we were eating funnel cakes. O.o But he was apparently really scared of all the people around, so he just went back behind the tank – which was a very good thing. XD

    1. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for writing about it. We created so many memories and met some amazing people and animals. Sure was fun to be together. Mommy

    2. It was a great time. I was pretty suprised to find the rocks. That’s cool that you saw a skunk. I had actually never been that close to one before!

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