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My Favorite Christmas Gifts!

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? I can’t wait to read all your hauls!(it’s my favorite type of posts) Today I thought I’d show you a few of my favorite presents! DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying to brag. Anyway, let’s get started.



The first I got in my stocking was an EOS lip balm. It smells so good! It’s so sweet:)


Next, something I’ve wanted for the longest time! It is a pink battery bank. It is very useful and I’m so glad I finally got one:D

Next! Bath & Body works products! I got a lot. I got both shower gel and lotion in Pink Chiffon and Be Joyful. I also got Beautiful Day shower gel. I also got my new favorite scent, orchard frost, in hand lotion and hand sanitizer.


My big gift was these adorable pair of grey UGGS! They have a bow in the back and I love them!


I also got a bunch of really cool gift cards!

Bath & Body Works-$10

Khol’s- $5


iTunes- $25 and a $15


I also got Christmas lights. I really wanted some to give my bed this awesome tumbler look! What do you think?

Some other things that I really liked that aren’t shown are:

A new watch(mine always seem to break), a pair of cute tennis shoes, and two nice sweaters from my grandma.

I want to thank everything who gave me a gift! I loved everything that I got.


Comment below some of the gifts you got. I’m so excited to use everything:D Did you have an amazing Christmas? How are you going to spend Christmas break? Talk to you soon!

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide

Days Until Christmas: 362, I guess I should stop the count down.


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