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My Doll Hair Care Routine

Hi guys!!! Today I will be doing my doll hair care routine and some tips and tricks. I was at my grandparents for a week and I did an awesome photo shoot. I also got and made some cool ag stuff so keep checking in for more posts.


Ipod pictures may-july 2014 060

First I take out any hairstyle she has in.


Ipod pictures may-july 2014 061

Then I sprayed her hair. Quick tip: you can use a cup of water and the top of a spraything to make a spray bottle.


Ipod pictures may-july 2014 062

Then brush out her hair. Excuse the writing on my hand I had a swim meet:)

Ipod pictures may-july 2014 065

Next smooth out her hair. It keeps fly aways under control. Using an old toothbrush works great! (make sure its clean)

Ipod pictures may-july 2014 063

Then you are all done!      This is a quick post but I hope you liked it!!


Rebekah :p





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