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Lessons From My Dad


Right now, we are on our first missions trip together…… I don’t think every dad would do that for his daughter, but you are. I’ve been blessed with a man who is so actively involved in my life. You’ve taught me so many things and I thought I would share a few of the:

-You can bend the rules in cooking a little bit, yet you always help me when I bend them a little too much.

-You’ve taught me how to follow God through daily devotions and you are always encouraging me.

-You are the one who makes sure I stay healthy and got me to start liking shakes and sweet potatoes.

-You listen to my problems and give me valuable advice.


-You teach me how to have grace and forgive others even when they mess up.

-You can never wash your hands too much or change the towels or cover your nose.

-You figure out how to fix almost everything in our house (toilets, cars, windows, closets, etc.) and are willing to teach me even when I might be hesitant.

-You never stop sharing how Jesus has changed your life and serving God.

Happy Father’s day! I want you to know how appreciative I am for all you do. Thank you for pointing me toward Christ.

Love you,


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