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What is in my Backpack- At the END of the year

I am so close to being done with school (less than two weeks)! YAYAYAY!

A long time ago, I showed ya’ll what was in my backpack (here). That is all fine and dandy but I think it is way more interesting to see a backpack uncensored after it a full school year. It is crazy. I purposefully haven’t cleaned it. So…… do not get too grossed out by all the craziness (at least I didn’t find mold).

Let’s go through this thing together!


Here is a refresher of what my backpack looks like.


Inside the very front pocket I have three note cards, a mini hairbrush, some paper divider tabs, and a list of my classes.


(This picture took so long to set up!)

In the long pocket I keep all my pencils, pens and such. I have crayons, markers (two different types), pencils, pens, colored pencils, a ruler with 3 hole punch, glue, an eraser, lolly pop, a valentine from my friend Sam, a broken crayon, and crumpled paper towel. How extremely random šŸ˜‰


The little pocket at the top of my bag held this small container that had some essential things in it like sanitizer, band-aids, lotion, braces stuff, a gum wrapper, chap-stick, and toothpaste (where is the toothbrush?!)

This is the inside of the main pocket and its contents. I have all the same books as before in the fall, though they are written in and a bit battered now. Plus, floating around in my bag are five quizzes, some report cards, labs, flash cards, a binder clip, gum wrapper, paper towel, candy, a valentine, an adapter for my iPod, a perfume, pen, pencil, and last but not least a picture of strawberry cheese cake drawn by my wonderful friend Lila.

Whew, that was everything in the mess of my backpack. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, honestly.

Did you find this interesting? What is the most essential thing in your backpack?

Mine would have to be my colored pens. They make taking notes so much more fun!

Have a fantastic day!



8 thoughts on “What is in my Backpack- At the END of the year

  1. Ha ha, that was funny. XD I have barely anything in my backpack because I basically only needed it for Spanish class at co-op. šŸ˜‰

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