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Handsome Isn’t All, Neither Is The Limp

Wow. I was reading the posts in my reader and this one really touched me. Take the time to read Cynthia’s post.

A Sweet N Simple Life

Did I catch your attention with the title? Good. I knew I would. Now hopefully I can keep it….. 🙂


I immediately noticed the young man walking by. Tall, dark brown hair, handsome face with a pleasant, friendly look about him. But then, I noticed something else only a moment later. Something that surprised me. Although young, probably not even college age, he walked with a limp. And not just a small limp. He could have been born with it, it could have been from a sports injury, he could have been in a car accident, the list could continue. But whatever the source of the limp was, that young man would possibly have to live with it for the rest of his life. As I watched him go by, something jumped out at me. What stuck out to me wasn’t just the way that his one foot dragged a little behind the other. I…

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