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My Room Tour

I think the title explains everything 😉

Here is the entrance to my room. Right now I have a wreath on my door. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This is an over view of my room.


When you walk into my room and look to the left you will see my cool bird light switch, my purse (it is the perfect size and really cute), and my vanity. On top of my vanity, I keep the things I use everyday (like deodorant and moisturizer) and all my jewelry on it. I have a mirror hanging over it with Christmas lights strung around it. I really like the vibe they add.


Next up is my dry erase calendar. I use this thing all the time. It is really useful. Next to it is my closet.

This is my work space where I write all my posts. I have my trashcan and my desk. On my desk I have glass that covers the wood. Under that I have a bunch of pictures, quotes, and mementos of things I’ve done. This area is where I do school and write on my laptop (which isn’t in the picture). Above my desk I have my two windows and I can look out onto the street and have lots of natural light for my work space.

Next we have my bureau where I keep out of season clothes.On that wall I have awards from when I did AWANA and some framed pictures of when I was a baby. On top of my dresser I keep some antique dolls (some of which are my moms), my make-up bag, piggy bank (I collect loose change), and a Bath and Body Works candle.


Next to that is my book shelf. I only have the top row full of books because I hate how much space books take up. I also have a radio. Yup, such an old-fashioned device, I know.


I have one more window in my bedroom because I’m on the corner room.


Across from my door is my bed. My grandma made my quilt. I also have Christmas lights strung around the headboard. It makes my room so cozy. Above my bed, I have a board with pictures of my friends and Bible verses.


Beside that I have baby pictures of me and a picture made by my great grandma. Beneath that, I have a nightstand with my lamp and clock. On the bottom of that I keep my Bible, journals, and whatever book I’m reading.

That is a full 360 of my room. Thanks for reading! I hope your day is fabulous. If you have any questions on where anything in my room is from comment below and I’ll make sure to let you know.

What’s your favorite part of your room?



18 thoughts on “My Room Tour

  1. I loved reading all about your room! Even though I’ve been in your room many times, I learned somethings I didn’t know before! Great post, Bekah!

  2. Your room looks awesome! I love your desk, quilt, and mirror. 🙂
    I share a room with several sisters, and we each get a wall to decorate however we like. I’ve made mine a “wall of inspiration.” It has twinkle lights, posters, quotes, postcards, maps, drawings, and even a license plate! It’s so much fun to decorate. 😀

    -Clara ❤

  3. It was fun touring your room! Although, I see it almost everyday. You are very clever and really take great care in decorating it. Maybe you can rub off on a few other members in our house. I love you! Mommy

  4. Your room is so pretty!! I love stringing lights up in my room as well, especially the led ones that have an automatic timer so you can leave them on all the time. 😛

  5. Ooh, this was a fun room tour, Rebekah! I especially like the quilt your grandma made, and that you have plenty of natural light at your desk. That would be wonderful! Oh, and I like the Christmas lights!

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