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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

I’m so happy to finally share this post with you! I’ve watched plenty of day in the life videos but I’ve never seen a blog post about it or one from a homeschooler’s point of view. I thought that would be fun to share with you all. I hope you like it (if you do please leave me a comment 🙂 ).

Are you curious about what a homeschooler’s day is like? Just keep reading.

7:11 am


I wake up. Usually I wake up at seven, but my alarm decided not to work this morning so, 7:11 it was.

When I first wake up I go to the bathroom and wash my face with freezing cold water to make myself more alert.


Then, I go back to my room and do my devotions. Getting in a habit of spending time with God everyday is an awesome thing I think everyone should do. It has really helped me learn more about God, get me into His word, and pray.


After about thirty minutes, I finish my devotions and make my bed.


Next, I dressed and did my hair.


Now my favorite part of my morning, breakfast! This morning I had one of my favorite smoothies, PB&J. I like smoothies for breakfast because you get lots of nutrients and they and easy to make. I found my recipe at Blogilates (link to the recipe here). When making shakes don’t be afraid to add some greens. It may not look as pretty but you won’t taste it and you’ll get all that fiber.


While I’m eating– or in this case drinking my breakfast– I bullet journal out my goals for the day.


After this I brushed my teeth. If you have braces, I recommend a water pick and electric toothbrush. They make braces so much easier!

On Tuesdays (which is what day it was), I do my laundry so I threw the first load of that in.


We then had family devotions. We use the devotion Jesus Calling. It is really easy to read and I get a lot out of it.


I started my day after that. I always begin by practicing piano.


My mom was ready for us to do history after that, which is the only subject we all do together. We colored a map and label it while my mom reads from the book.


Next, I did math because I like to get it out of the way.


I completed my other books next. These are grammar, spelling, and English stuff.


I then moved on to my co-op work. My co-op is on Wednesday and so I need to have all my homework done before that. We just finished up reading some Shakespeare (which was my first time ever reading it) in my literature class. It was so well written!

My mom checked my writing homework (She is my #1 editor!).

I stopped school to FaceTime my friend for a little bit. This is a nice benefit about homeschooling, you can take a break and do other things, though I usually like to get it done all at once.

At 12:45, I was finished with school. YAY! *dances around the room*


I cooked myself lunch, which was some leftovers. So I didn’t technically cook….


After that I read the posts in my reader and replied to comments.  I’ve been getting better at doing that lately, yay!


I finished up my laundry and made my bed.


This day I had a lot of extra time so I worked on my bullet journal for an hour.

I also filled out my application for Maine this day too. Last year I went on a missions trip to Maine. This year I am going back! I can’t wait. I posted about what it is like going on a missions trip here 😉

I did my other Tuesday chore which is cleaning the cat’s liter box.


Next, I packed my swim bag, picked out an outfit for co-op, and got my co=op stuff together.


I had found a healthy cookie recipe on Pintrest so I tried them (here is the link to the recipe). They were good but not as good as chocolate chip cookies. I will always love my chocolate chip cookies!


I then made my lunch for co-op. I put in tons of veggies! I also helped my mom with dinner by making sweet potato fries. They are so delicious almost as tasty as normal fries.

At about 5:30 we left for swimming (we ate on the way). My brothers swim first so that is why we leave so early.

Then at 7pm I hopped in the pool for swim team. Our warm up was not fun AT ALL. We had to do 36 laps straight. Later we had to do a 400 IM (that is four laps each of all the different strokes). I definitely got an intense workout.  We finished at 8:30.


I then took a shower, traveled back home, and got ready for bed.

Before I slept, I wrote in my journal. At 9:48 pm I turned off my light and went to bed.


This obviously isn’t what everyday of mine is like. Some days I have less free time then this or I have more school work. It all depends. This also isn’t to say this is what all homeschoolers do. Each homeschooler is unique and their day is different. Just wanted to mention this!

What is your favorite part of your day?



31 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed getting a glance into your daily life. Even I, as your BFF, don’t know what your days look like :). You should do an in depth nighttime routine!!

  2. Ooh, very interesting post, Rebekah! That devotions book looks really interesting – I’ve seen the non-kid version in a Christian bookstore, I think. And OH! We do Teaching Textbooks too! (Only I’m doing Financial Lit this year, so I’m using a different program for that.) I really liked it as far as math programs go. I thought it was really thorough and well-explained, and the buddies are quite funny. XD What do you think about it?
    And OH MY WORD. 36 LAPS?! I would give out after, like, the second lap. XD How big is the pool?
    Thanks again for the great post, Rebekah! 😀

    1. Thank you Allison! We’ve used the adult version too but we like the kid version better. I really like teaching textbooks because it is so easy to understand the y teach you how to do each problem. How is financial lit? It sounds so interesting. I was really tired after the first lap. XD The pool was the size of a normal swimming pool.

      1. Oh, okay! For our small group we use a devotion book for kids called, “Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.” That one is really good too. 🙂
        Yes, I agree!
        Financial lit is okay, but I don’t really like the program that much, so… yeah. XD But it’s okay.
        Phew! Good gracious! XD

  3. What an interesting post! I am a Christian homeschooler too! I was checking out your blog because you are doing BIBPC and I am too, although I’m on team Fox!! My photo was featured when Megan announced category two!!

    I really like your blog! I’ll have to come back! 😀

  4. That’s so cool cuz I have the same Easy Grammar curriculum, Wordly Wise curriculum, and Teaching Textbooks curriculum! Except for math I’m a bit behind so I do different algebra. What Easy Grammar do you have?

  5. Great post! I’m not very good at doing my school all at once, and get behind 😮 XD . So it’s inspiring seeing your day! ☺
    Funny, I noticed I have the same kind of piano book (maybe the exact one) as your blue one… and I have the same butterfly hoodie! XD

    1. Thank you.
      It is so interesting that we have possibly the same piano book 😀
      How long have you played?
      Next time I wear that hoodie I’ll think of you 😉

  6. What a nice change to see a day in the life of the homeschooler rather than just the mom’s perspective. I LOVE the lights around your bed 🙂 Hmmm…the favorite part of my day? Reading…. whether it’s to my son or to myself or sometimes even to my husband!

  7. I have never been home schooled so i never knew how the life was but your post helped me imagine it . Beautifully written and gosh your such a hardworking girl , would love to be like ya.

  8. This just put me to shame.
    I wish I was homeschooled and I wish I was this organized and clutter-free.
    Thank you for a day in your Rebeka, I really enjoyed it ☺🌹

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