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WordCrafter 2

I just finished writing for Nano for the day and now it is time to blog. So much writing 😀 I would say I feel pretty confident about how Nano is going so far, so that’s good. If you want to friend me it’s Bekah_Boo on the YWP site!

Anyway, onto the business at hand. If you don’t know what Wordcrafters is, it is basically where a bunch of bloggers write a collaborative story. Each person gets a turn and writes a part of the story. If you want to know more about it and see a more detailed summary you can check it out on Allison’s blog. I really enjoyed writing this story (it was a refreshing break from my Nano story). So now you can read it! Get going 😉

Esme stood there and stared at the unicorn. Katri had told her that unicorns were very rare and people hardly saw them anymore. So Esme was shocked to be face to face with one.

“Yo, girly. Watcha starin at? You’re starting to offend me,” the unicorn said.

“Hi,” she whispered softly when finally sound her voice.

“Hiya kid! My name is Daisy. I know what your thinking,” the unicorn said rolling his eyes, “Why is your name Daisy if you are a guy? Don’t get me started. Anyways, I’m here to rescue you.”

“Ok! Will you help me return a baby dragon too?” Esme asked.

“Yikes, this situation is more complicated than I thought. Normally, I wouldn’t even bother to help any human, but I sense something special about you, girly. Yes, I will help you. Now where is this dragon?” the unicorn replied.

“Well, it is with my friends and I don’t know where they are!” Esme said worriedly.

After that he muttered something like, “This is what happens when I help out humans. Why did I decided to help this girl? I don’t want to start sprouting dandelions in my mane like last time.”

Then he sighed before saying loudly, “We must leave now. Lord Zilch will be back any second to take you to his dark dungeons. C’mon.”


“How do you know all this?” Esme asked.

“I’m always up in the sky. I’ve been watching you and waiting for a time when Lord Zilch is not around to help you,” the unicorn whinnied.

“Also,” the unicorn added, “I know your friend Devin. He is in danger. We must go find your friends and then go save him!”

As they rode off into the woods Esme clung harder onto the unicorn’s mane. She hoped with all her might that she would find Vivi, Pipin, Katri, but most of all Devin. He had saved her. Now, it was her turn to save him.


Devin’s head pounded and his whole body throbbed. The darkness around him was so thick he thought he might choke. He couldn’t see anything. It felt like he had been in the despicable dungeon for years.

After he had saved Esme, Lord Zilch had grabbed his arm with such force Devin couldn’t move. Then he positioned his spear lightly on Devin’s back. “Not so fast mortal. If you move, you are a goner.”

Knowing he couldn’t get away, Devin used the most used threat in the book, “You’ll never get away with this!”

“Ah, Devin. This is my world. Who will stop me?” Lord Zilch replied haughtily.

“My friends will, that’s who,” Devin announced.

“No, they will not,” Katri’s father lied, “I have already captured them and now that I have you we can complete my plan.”

The old man gave a sinister snicker. Devin had been to distraught and worried about his friends to resist as he was roughly thrown into the dungeon. “What will I do?” he thought, suddenly helpless.


Night was falling quickly. Pipin, Vivi, and Katri hadn’t found Esme or Devin yet. After Vivi had healed Pipin they had begun their search for Devin and Esme again. The problem was, they dared not call out for fear of calling attention to themselves and riding on this beast they now had was also out of the question.

“I hope they are all right!” Vivi said fearfully.

“I’m sure they are. I bet the battle is around here somewhere. We heard it earlier,” Pipin replied assuredly.

All of a sudden they heard a gallop of a unicorn’s hooves coming through the woods.

What did you think? If you are doing Wordcrafters I can’t wait to read your part! Just a reminder, Suzy you are next. I really enjoy Wordcrafters and I’m so glad I was able to do it.

Look for more posts coming soon!

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  1. WOW I LOVED THAT! It was soooo good! Wohooo! I liked the unicorn and his character. XD Wondrous job, Rebekah, and now I shall add it to the page… Thank you for writing this! 😀

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