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Life Behind the Camera (Episode 1)


*Plays some kind of intro TV theme song*


“Hi guys! Or girls. Actually probably girls. My name is Bailey and you may be thinking ‘who is she?’ Well I’m better known by my characters names, Novia from Camp Summer and After Camp or Jasmine from Worst Enemy, Best Friend. That is the point of this series, to show the blogging community what the Americangirlguide clan is like, off set. Because we are really just a bunch of sisters who are slightly insane. This intro is getting long and I’m just rambling which isn’t like me. Anyway, so let me start.”


“So Mom said I needed to give a quick tour of the bedroom because a lot had changed since the last time we showed you a doll house tour. She said to mention it was in a post linked here. She likes to add lots of links. Anyway, this is the left half of our very small room which is the more studious side. It has our desk and book shelf.


On this side we have Brook’s flute and music stand along with our beds. By our I mean Brooklyn’s, Jessica’s, and mine. Bethany and Nikki have their own room which we’ll show later. In the back of our room you can see our three dogs, Sugar, Pepper, and Rolf. My mom likes dogs so she made sure that we have some.


“Bailey what are you doing?” asks Jessica.

“Oh wow, you are super out of focus Jessica. I’m shooting the first part of Mom’s new series.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I mean I am the star,” Jessica demands.

“SHHH. They don’t know about that series yet!” Bailey replies.

“So basically I’m a nobody to them?”Jessica questions.

“No, you are John, Ryan, and Ms. Madison to them.”

“Two of those are boys. I’m so excited to finally have a major role as a girl. And my name is really pretty too,” Jessica said.

“Don’t give them anymore spoilers Jessica!”

“Ok, fine. Do you know where Nikki is? I want to show her my new clothes,” Jessica announces.


WHAT? You went shopping?? You hate shopping and malls and fashion. Why on earth did you go shopping?”

“Can’t I try something new? Besides this new series gave me an excuse to buy some more clothes. Keegan’s wardrobe is cute but it needs more pieces,” Jessica said carelessly.

“You just gave out her name!”

“Who’s name? Ohhhh, you mean Keegan. Ahem. I mean that person. Well you can just edit that out right?” Jessica said.

“No I can’t. Now stop giving spoilers!”


“Hi there! It’s Bethany now! They’ve switched cameras so that Jessica doesn’t give out anymore spoilers. So I’m supposed to show you my room.”


“We have our wardrobe in the right corner, our desk in the middle, and our bunk beds pushed up against the left side of the room. Sorry about the mess. I just got home from dance class and haven’t had time to clean it up.”


“BROOKLYN! Why is there a DOG on my bed?! You know I can’t stand dog hair!” Bethany said suddenly.

“Well,” Brooklyn started.


“Hey, Nikki, look at these cute clothes I got,” Jessica interrupted.


“Oh, cute! Next time you should bring me Jessica,” Nikki said, “By the way, I think Bethany is having a slight over reaction above me so you may want to get out of her way!”


BROOK. WHY WOULD YOU BRING A DOG IN MY BED?? I need to do my homework but I can’t when SOMEONE brings a DOG which has DOG HAIR on my bed,” said Bethany, hyperventilating.

“BETHANY, THE DOG IS HYPOALLERGENIC!” Brooklyn screamed back.


*slow motion*

“WHAAA,” said Brooklyn.


“What just happened?” someone yelled as they all ran over.

“She’s unconscious! We need to take her to the hospital,” someone else said.



And that ends episode 1 of Life Behind the Camera.

Okay, so, I may have created a new series. I know a few posts ago I said I wasn’tย enjoying writing doll posts as much but then I wrote this and I REALLY liked it. So, I think I’m just going to write both kinds of posts for now. I’m still figuring it all out.

Also, I’m having trouble figuring out how to write this since the whole post is dialogue. Was it clear who was speaking? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚ย Let me know what you think of the new series and if you would like to see the other series I spilled some spoilers for.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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My small group at church starts back up tonight! We are getting something called Cajun Snow ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you ever tried it?



9 thoughts on “Life Behind the Camera (Episode 1)

  1. Ha! Just put like:
    “What are you doing today, Jessica?” asked (I don’t know ur dolls names xcept Jessica so I will make em up ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) asked Mallory, coming into the room.
    “Oh, nothing Mallory,” (since we didn’t introduce any new characters and we said Mallory, it’s obviously Jessica. And Jessica is answering the question, too)
    “Why were you playing with my computer?” Mallory prodded.
    “Nothing…School project, that’s all,” answered Jessica with a nervous laugh.
    “Uh-huh,” Mallory said skeptically, and went to look at the computer.
    “You don’t..,” began Jessica, but it was too late.
    “Why are you changing my blog?” Said Mallory, and then angrily jumped on Jessica.
    “Guys, what’s the problem?” Asked motherly Chloe, coming to see what the commotion was.
    “Jessica,” Mallory said through huffs. “Was on my blog,”

    That’s about it!

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