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My Experince: Private School vs. Homeschool

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to a private school. I am homeschooled and I have been my whole life. I was completely opposed to the idea at first because I didn’t know anyone at the school and didn’t want to dive into something new. I finally decided to go and I’m really glad I went now. As soon as we arrived I relaxed, everyone was amazing, kind, and helpful. I shadowed a girl who I didn’t know at all, yet she included me and made me feel welcome. They took me on a tour and then I went around with this girl and sat in on her classes. I even got to sit in on band practice and have lunch there. I want to give a little comparison to the differences between my homeschooling experience and my experience visiting this school. So let’s start.



At this school if you aren’t in home room by 8 am you are tardy. I’d be fine with waking up and getting to school that early but I do like the fact with homeschooling that if I have a busy weekend and I’m tired I can sleep in on Monday and not worry about it (for me sleeping in is until about 8:30). I also like that I’m not stuck every week day (except for off days and summer) in a class room for seven hours a day. I love the flexibility I can have with homeschooling.

Dress code

At this school there is a dress code. Khakis, black slacks, or skirts and a polo shirts with the schools logo. I’m fine with dress codes, but I like that at home if I’m having a lazy day I can wear sweatpants and be comfy. I also like the fact that I can show my own style in the clothes I wear.


In school you usually have different teachers for every subject (sometimes the same one for a few classes) while with home schooling you have yourself, your mom, sometimes the computer, and coop teachers (if you go to a coop) I think it is nice to have a variety of teachers who specialize in certain subjects. That is one of the benefits to public/private school.


All my school is homework! I don’t sit in a class all day just to go home and do more work I get it done all at once. Now, the school I shadowed at feels that children should have homework but not so much so that there isn’t time for extracurricular activities. I do like that aspect but I’m happy not to have homework at all.

Extra-Curricular Activities

If you go to a school building you usually will have opportunities to play sports for that school and do band, art, acting, etc. With home school you have to find other programs such as public pools and gyms, homeschooling programs, etc.


In home school you eat lunch at home(pretty self-explanatory) in school you have the option to buy food prepared at the school or bring your own. When I shadowed they gave me a free lunch pass that let me get whatever from the cafeteria. It was an interesting experience and I’m sure I looked like I had no clue what I was doing XD

The food was good, better than all the rumors say and they had AMAZING ice cream.


In school you have gym class where you learn to play different sports and get exercise. In home school you have to be more conscientious to exercise (unless you generally like to be outside or play sports) I do sports to stay in shape, make friends, and also just for fun. In a school situation it is easier to  be a part of these things.

Social Aspects

In school you are around and have to interact with other people everyday. Meanwhile, homeschooling it is different for everyone. Some people go to an umbrella school everyday and some see people only a few times a week. My family is still extremely busy even though we home school. I interact with other people and make friends just the same way kids do. I may be biased about it, but I don’t feel that I’m missing out on anything, by not seeing my friends every single.


In school you are mainly taught by a teacher and they show you how to do most of your work. Ususally, you can be in honors but you still are learning at the same pace as everyone else. With homeschooling you can be further along in math. It’s more customized for you. You can also learn from whatever beliefs you want. You also learn to teach yourself.

Well there it is, I’ve just laid out my whole experience with private school and the contrast between them. That was actually a lot of work. What did you think of this kind of post? I’m trying to go out of my normal posting I’m trying some new type of posts. Any suggestions? Leave them below.

What kind of schooling do you have? Let me know in the comments. Talk to you soon!



23 thoughts on “My Experince: Private School vs. Homeschool

  1. I go to a private school, but I would love to be homeschooled! Homeschooling would be the perfect fit for me, I think.

    1. That’s cool! I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be homeschooled. I think it’s the perfect fit for me too. I can learn on my own level and I like that I’m not stuck in a classroom for half my day 🙂

  2. I’m homeschooled, and I think that’s the best way to learn! Our family is probably not the average homeschooling family, because we basically don’t interact with any other people that are our age.(In real life, anyway) I’m sure that’s different than most other homeschoolers.
    Also, you didn’t mention what they actually taught. Like, the teachers view on science and history. What did you think was their general view? Were they Christian?


    1. I feel the same way! I love that I can learn on my own level with homeschooling. Every home school situation is different 🙂
      I completely forgot to mention that part! This private school is actually a Christian private school so they had a Bible class and taught from a Christian point of view. I wasn’t able to sit in on the science class but I’m guessing it’s taught from a 7 day creation standpoint. In history they had just finished a unit on medieval times so to celebrate we watched some of Disney’s Robin Hood. Once again, I’m not sure how it would be taught on a normal class. It was a great experience but if I decided to go to school there I would want another day to shadow since I wasn’t able to see exactly how they are taught science and history.

      1. Okay, that’s good. It’s definitely not that way in regular public schools.


    2. I’ve been homeschooled all my life, and I love it!! Most people think homeschoolers are weirdos and don’t make any friends, they are so wrong!!!!

      1. That’s so true! One of my friends (who is a public schooler) says that I have more friends then she does. Also, homeschoolers meet people from so many different circles, not just school.

  3. I am homeschooled, and I’m glad I am! But this was a really interesting post, Rebekah! So are you actually thinking about going to the private school, or was it just sort of an “Open House” day?

    1. Thank you! I am staying homeschooled for this coming school year, but my family is considering it after that. My younger brother has been telling my parents for a while now that he wants to go to “school” instead of home school. He has a few friends at this school and so my parents decided to let him have the chance to see what it’s like. I decided to go along as well to get the experience.

      1. I forgot to mention this in my reply to your comment, I actually have to post ideas relating to my pets that I want to start working on 😀

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