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Here’s entry 4 for CWWC. Thank you Loren for hosting the challenge. I really enjoyed writing this! Anyway, let me share my story now!

Here are the prompts I used:




“Come closer,” she whispered. “The butterflies have all manner of things to show you…”:




The night was Halloween. I was on a mission, to complete a dare. Dressed in a fuzzy Werwolf mask with a vampire cape I entered the wrought iron gates of the cemetery. The stars shown brightly overhead but the moon gave only a sliver of light.


My dare had been to enter the woods that bordered the cemetery and keep walking until I reached the sign that said, “here be faeries,” a sign we had tacked up as children.


As I peered into the woods my eyes played tricks on me it looked as though giant monsters were creeping through the woods.

All of sudden I had lost my way. The stars seemed to have flickered out. Where was I?


I called out for Gary, the boy who had dared me like he would actually hear me or actually care. I bit my lip to keep from crying, my friend must not know how scared I was. I’d be teased forever if they ever found out! I heard some rustling in the nearby brush, I wanted to run but I was paralyzed with fear.

“Come closer,” she whispered. “The butterflies have all manner of things to show you…”:

A radiant girl with long honey colored hair stood in front of me. “Are you lost,” She asked.

“Yes I am. I must find my way back to the cemetery quickly. My name is Cassie, what’s yours?”

“I’ll get you back immediately. My name is Clara. I’m sorry for what your friends did to you, they ran off as soon as you entered the woods. It was pretty mean.”

“You know what Clara,” I started, ” I think we are going to be great friends!”


What did you think? I would love to know. Any tips on how to improve my writing? I’d also like your input. ‘See’ you soon!


I wrote this during a long car ride. Great use of my time 😀


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