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Pick a Prompt 

Hi! You may or may not know that I LOVE writing. I just don’t post my writing very often, but I want to start doing it more. I have found a few prompts that have been sitting in my Pinterest board waiting to be used (Click here to follow me). I have so many ideas but I need your help to decide which one to post first.  Feel free to use any of these prompts (DISCLAIMER: I didn’t make these up, if you want to know where they are from follow the link). Vote using the poll down below and I’ll write a story using the prompt with the most votes.











That’s all for this post! Have a great day and remember that tomorrow is Friday 😉

P.s. Here is my picture for BIBPC


It’s my cat eating a stink bug, haha. The stink bug is the critter.


Ugh, pollen allergies are not funny. Does anybody else have them?


13 thoughts on “Pick a Prompt 

  1. Eee! what a good thought!
    The second to last two!! 😀 TOTALLY them! xD I know, I’m so cruel! XD XD 🙂 The forth and fifth one down, I suppose! 😉

  2. I pick the last one. I really like the picture of Alex with the stink bug. I wish he would destroy all of them!

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