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BIBPC Challenge #1

  GUYS. BIBPC IS BACK!!! You have no clue how exctied I am for the second round 😀 I am on Team Goldfinch. AHHH, they are such a pretty bird. I know I’ve been a horrible blogger, blah, blah, blah, but we are just going to ignore that and move on. Now, let me show you my picture!!!


This is from a really fun photo shoot I took last year. The rain had just started to fall and it was summer. Everything had a few tiny water droplets on it. This picture shows a small flower bud, something we usually over look.    Small things can make a big difference in our lives, from a beautiful bud to a kind word, we never know the outcome of helping someone or being kind. 


Well, that’s it for my first post about BIBPC, I hope you liked it. Look for more posts soon.

Ugh, I’m doing this on my iPod. That means no signature. Bye! 



32 thoughts on “BIBPC Challenge #1

  1. Rebekah, you’re a good writer as well as a good photographer. That picture is beautiful. I can almost feel the the rain drops. Beautiful job!

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