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{Posts Of Old #1}

You know how many people have been doing these posts? I love them!! So I thought I’d show you a post I wrote in October of 2014. (Excuse the blurry pictures. We can all see my improvements.) Feel free to leave a comment on that post and tell me if you try out the hairstyle. (Here is a link back to the original post) Let’s get started.


Hi! Here is a fishtail braids tutorial that was requested by DOLLDIYs (Now Flourishing by Restful falls) and I have wanted to do for a while but haven’t had the chance. By the way some of the pictures might be blurry, gritty or of different quality’s because my camera has been doing weird thing. Anyways(,) Enjoy!


You will need: a spray bottle, a doll hair brush, two elastics (certain styles will require more) and a toothbrush


First split the dolls hair in half. You might want to tie back the one side in a low pony tail so that the other hair doesn’t get in the way.


Next split that hair into two sections but don’t tie it off.


Take a small section from the very front of the outer side and cross it to the inner section then take the most inner section from the inner side and cross it over. This works best if you do it tiny and tight.


Keep doing this till you get to the end of the hair.


Tie off with an elastic or scrunci at the bottom and repeat on the other side.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some variations are: add a braid to one piece, stop at the ear with braid for a cool look or a single fishtail down the back.

fishtail yolo

Here are photos of Bethany in her finished look.



Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to:



And Allison

They saw the secret word I added to a post (episode 5 of after camp) and commented:)


16 thoughts on “{Posts Of Old #1}

      1. Also, I just wanted to inform you that K.A. and I ARE still doing the coloring contest. 😛 She just posted the next coloring pages on her blog here:

  1. This is a neat hairstyle! (I almost wrote “hairystyle.” XD XD ) Thanks for the shout-out! Was it because of the “gummy bears thing?” I was a little confused by the last sentence…

    1. Haha. Thanks so much for mentioning that. I was away on a trip so I prewrote the post and the ending got messed up. If you hadn’t commented about it then I wouldn’t have noticed😂

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