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My Pet’s Stories: Alex

Hey everybody! I decided to start a new series about my pets! Each part will tell about how I got them, their favorite things and pictures of them. Alex is my oldest living pet. (I had a fish named Nemo but he died when I was 5) Are you ready to meet Alex?


Alex’s Story:

In our neighborhood we have one house that is a rental property. When I was eight, a family with a few animals lived there. The family didn’t take care of their pets and were threatened by the ASPCA to have their animals taken away multiple times.They had two cats who had a litter of three kittens. My friend lived next door to these people and they took the kittens in and feed them.Β I went over a lot to play with them and begged my parents to let me keep one. One day my dad said he needed my help with something, I walked downstairs and saw Alex running around! At that time we thought he was a girl so I named him Grace. But when we found out he was a boy I renamed him Alex with the middle name Gracie. We all love Alex and he such a great cat, though he is a bit fat.


Breed: Tabby

Age: 5

Birthday: I’m not sure…. The vets guess late October.

Fun Fact: He is the oldest/biggest of the litter

Toy: String and Catnip (he is obsessed)

Favorite place to sleep: My bed:D

Favorite treat: Goldfish xD, he’s so weird. He hates all food except dry cat food and goldfish not even wet food or tuna!


Did you like this new series? Look for the next part in a few weeks!


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34 thoughts on “My Pet’s Stories: Alex

  1. This post was so cute! Alex is adorable!:D I can’t wait to see and learn more about your animals!:)

  2. I remember sneaking Alex across the street hoping Rebekah would not see me holding her new cat. She was very surprised. I think Alex secretly wants to eat our chickens.

      1. That’s SO neat!! πŸ˜€
        No, she’s short-haired. She’s four years old, but “Kitty” fits her perfectly because she still has a cute little kitten face!;D
        Maybe I’ll post some pics of her, if you want?

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