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Awards I was recently nominated for

Hey! So I know this isn’t a Christmas related post. (Ironic since it’s Christmas Eve) but I had no clue what to post and then I remembered that K.A. nominated me for two awards! Thank you!!

The first one is the infinity dreams award. Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.
  1. I am REALLY excited for Christmas!
  2. I have an irrational fear of balls (I was hit with a softball and I’ve never liked them after that)
  3. My earliest childhood memory is when my parents left me to go to the hospital to have my brother. (I was 3)
  4. My dog has 3 legs.
  5. I have five adorable chickens who love the rain.
  6. My BFFL(best friend for life) moved 8 hours away.
  7. I’m homeschooled and I actually like algebra.
  8. I’m kinda obsessed with Pintrest and YouTube.
  9. I really like super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros video games. (I also like Minecraft and Clash of Clans)
  10.  I am a Christian and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

 K.A.’s questions:

What’s your favorite color?

I like aqua, purple, and mint green.

Do you know what the Triple Crown is?

Yes. We watched the Triple Crown race thingy last year but the person didn’t win.

Do you have any animals?

Yes, Five chickens, one cat and one dog.

What is one animal, that you have NEVER seen before?

A Whale Shark.

I nominate anyone who has chickens! My questions are:

  1. Are your chickens pets or for meat/eggs?
  2. Are you girly, tomboy, or in between?
  3. Have you ever been in a play?
  4. What is one thing you got for Christmas?

Onto the next tag, which is the Amazing Pic award!


  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Start a blog post and answer the questions below
  • Add 1-3 of your Favorite\Best blog photos
  • Nominate up to ten people

1. How long have you had a blog?

I have been blogging for about a year and a half.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I went to tech class where we learned about all the programing behind a blog and was inspired to start one along with my BFFL.

3. Do you like photography?

I LOVE photography! I really enjoy taking pictures, it’s very relaxing.

4. Did you start your blog on your own?

Yes. My BFFL told me about WordPress, but I started it and have kept up with it by myself (with lots of family and friends to encourage me)

5. Why do you like these photos so much?

I like that as long as you know how to take pictures you don’t need a 1,000 dollar camera to get some good shots. I like these photo’s so much also because I feel so proud to say I’ve taken them.





I nominate anyone who likes the color yellow!


Once again, thanks so much K.A. for the award. Happy early Christmas! Would you like me to post a Christmas haul? (even nonAG stuff?) Comment below. Talk to you soon:)

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide

Days  Hours Until Christmas: 15 hours until Christmas!


30 thoughts on “Awards I was recently nominated for

      1. 1.Are your chickens pets or for meat/eggs?
        2.Are you girly, tomboy, or in between?
        Mostly tomboy, but a tad of girly. 🙂
        3.Have you ever been in a play?
        Yup! I said about two sentences! 😛
        4.What is one thing you got for Christmas?
        I don’t know…

  1. I love mint! ❤ Your dog has three legs? O_o
    Those pictures are absolutely amazing! 🙂
    I'd love to see a Christmas haul!!

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