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OOTD: Christmas Edition

Is Christmas in three days? WHAT?!! Also, I’m sorry you can’t really see the outfits in the posts….. It was Monday night when I notice how few pictures I had. So it’s more like a mini photo shoot of each doll. Enjoy it any way:D

 Bailey’s Outfit:

Earrings: Fancy Earrings

Sweater: Frosty Fair Isle Set

Skirt: Rebecca’s School Outfit

Stockings: I found them at a yard sale

Shoes: Coconut fun outfit


Dress and Shoes: AG’s Sparkle Party Dress Set

Tights: Rebecca’s School Outfit

Jessica’s Photos:

Earrings: Fancy Earring Set

Shirt: Made by Me

Tank Top: Sophia’s

Pants: A retired AG set(I forget the name)

Bethany by the holly bush:

Hat and Apron: AG’s Sugar and Spice set

Tank Top: Made by me

Leggings: AG’s Frosty Fair Isle set

Boots: MYAG meet boots

And last but not least Brooklyn. Who gets a full-fledged photo shoot because she’s new and awesome. She is wearing AG’s soft as snow outfit.


That’s all for days post, but wait! I almost forgot. I have to tell you which series won. Are you ready?

After Camp! It won by three votes. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Episode 1 will go up at midnight on January 1st and don’t worry Forever Family fans, I’ll likely be doing Forever Family after I finish After Camp.

By the way, don’t forget to look at My Dolls page, I updated it to include Brooklyn. Talk to you soon!

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide

Days Until Christmas: THREE!


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  1. I love all your doll outfits! I know you have looked at my blog, but could you please follow me by email? By January 3rd, I want to have 50 followers and then have a giveaway if I reach that goal. Please go to A Doll’s Life for more information.

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