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A Favorite Christmas Food

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite Christmas food and drink. The drink might be obvious……..

Hot chocolate!

(it might be a obssesion;)


Homemade “Natural” Hot Chocolate:  via

I love to curl up in the evening in slippers and a big, fluffy blanket and drink some hot chocolate! It’s so delicious!

Since it doesn’t really count as “food” I also am including sugar cookies(I love to make them:)


SUGAR COOKIES, don’t they look amazing? Whoever took this picture did an AMAZING job capturing their beauty and sugariness(is that a word?!)

What are your favorite Christmas foods/drinks? This is day 5 of Megan’s Christmas bloggging challenge. Check it out here.

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide

Days Until Christmas: 11


10 thoughts on “A Favorite Christmas Food

  1. Ooh! Yeah, hot chocolate is amazing! Hm, favorite Christmas food? Hmm…anything chocolate-y is great for Christmas.;) And I also really like peppermint bark!:P

  2. I like sugar cookies too!:) and hot coco. Um… I think my favorite Christmas food is candy canes, they are just SO good!:D

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