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My Christmas Wish List

Ho, Ho, Ho! How are you all doing? Today I’m going to be showing you my actual Christmas wish list. The one list I did earlier was just a fake one. As you probably know if you read that post. Also, be sure to check out Megan’s blog because this is day 3 of her blogging challenge!

A Christmas Challenge

DISCLAIMER: I did ask for all this but I don’t expect to get all of it, I just like to give my family lots of options because it is too hard to decide! With that said let’s get started.

Bailey Bow

Bailey Bow UGGS in Grey, these are so cute!! Speedo Swim Bag

A light blue Speedo backpack, they are so spacious! (it’s a swimmer thing:D comment if you know what I mean)

Anker PowerCore+ mini Lipstick-Sized 3350mAh Portable Charger (3rd Generation, Premium Aluminum External Battery Power Bank) with Panasonic Battery Cells Inside

This battery charger is chic and I know that I’d use it all the time.

Whoever invented these is a genius!! This is another thing I’ve wanted for a while.

Christmas Lights….

I know this is weird, but I’m using them to decorate my room if I get them.

Cordial Cherries…. I’m kinda obsessed. If you haven’t tried them you should, it’s basically chocolate with liquid cherries filling in the middle!


Whew, I think that’s it. What are you asking for Christmas?

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide

Days Until Christmas: 14


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