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Our Christmas Wishlist!

The girls will be sharing with you their Christmas Wish list in a minuet, but a quick disclaimer, this is not actually what I want/expect to get. It’s just a fake list based on the girls personalities:) Anyway, enjoy!


Bailey’s List:

Hi! Here is my Christmas Wish list!

No Image

Mini Maryellen! She is so adorable and the closet doll to my look-alike. I would LOVE to get her.

No Image

Birth Stone earrings, unlike my sisters I don’t really like all the crazy dangles, I’d much rather some simple, but colorful earrings.

No Image

The Shimmer and Lace party dress is so pretty and it’s even modeled by a girl who looks just like me!

No Image

I want the Petals and Plaid PJs so badly. They didn’t have any pictures of just the doll in the outfit. I don’t know why!

That’s everything on my list! I hope I get some of it.

Bethany’s List:

GUYS! I’m so excited for Christmas, here’s my list!

No Image

If I get these, I’ll be satisfied with not getting anything else for Christmas!

No Image

I hope to get these PJs, I will totally live in those shorts.

No Image

I’ve always wanted a curling iron, I would really like curls!

No Image

If she’s going to retire I need her now.

No Image

Grace’s meet outfit, boots are bae!


The Gorgeous Gold outfit, I’ve always wanted a fancy dress, to sit at mirror and sing sad songs in…. That’s not weird, is it?

What did you think? I can’t wait to open them all up on Christmas!

Nikki’s List:

HO,HO, I mean Hi! Are you excited to see my list?

No Image

The first thing I want is the leggings and socks set, my sisters are always losing our’s and I’d like to have some of my own.

No Image

Sparkly Toms? Count me in! They look so comfy and would provide a great fashion statement.

No Image

I’ve had my eye on this purse since it came out. Please Mom, Please!

No Image

I would wear this beanie with the sneakers, so trendy!

No Image

Polar Bears, fuzzy booties, frills = Cutest, pajamas, EVER!

No Image

Warm Winter outfit and accessories, finally, a purple and orange combo!

I know my list is a bit long but I couldn’t decide. Too many nice things.

What did you think? What do you want for Christmas?

Jessica’s List:

I only want a few things. So let me show you.

No Image

EVERYONE has these (at leat people who are cool do) and I totally need a pair.

No Image

All the tennis shoes we have are pink and sparkly, I need something not so girly, like these striped tennis shoes!

No Image

The big item I want is the sports bench! It has a bunch of AWESOME sports equipment and mom will buy it because she’s been looking for a bench for the mud room.

American Girl Doll Reindeer Pajamas Outfit NEW!! Truly Me

These PJs are retired but they are so cozy looking I just have to get them.

I think I’ll get everything on my list because I’m not asking for that much!


What did you think of our lists? My sisters and I had so much fun writing them, I think Bethany and Nikki went overboard a little bit with what they asked for, but my list is perfect!

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide


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