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Welcome December!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been around my blog for a while you may remember this segment last Christmas season! The girls like to do a count down to Christmas and want to share it with you. The new tag for this year’s is C2C2015. So boring. Sorry! Doll take over. I know it isn’t awesome but my mind is blank(Comment suggestions) The girls are getting really mad at me for rambling so I’ll give it over to them. I hope you like the post:)


Nikki’s POV


Being the newest member of the family I was asked to start out this post. We [the dolls] will be showing you how we decorate for Christmas and giving you a run through of the posting schedule. So let’s start!!


Here is our tree. It’s silver and we decorated it with candy canes and green balls.


We like to add a tree skirt, and a decorative angel on top!


My sisters let me do the topper since I never have.


We also hung our stockings and changed the bed covers.


Here is the finished room. Well since I’ve been blabbing away, Jessica is going to take over and tell you about our posting schedule.

Jessica’s POV


Hello my people’s! Ehhh, that failed…. I’ve been trying to come up with new introductions…. I have some work to do. Anyway, here is our posting schedule for this month! Sometimes life gets a little hectic, but we’ll try to stick to the schedule as much as possible:)

December 7th – December 13 The Girl’s Christmas Wish list

December 14th – December 20th Two secret Surprise posts

December 21st – December 23rd What the girls are wearing for Christmas + Who won the series!

December 25th Merry Christmas!

January 1st Premiere of series

We will also be participating in Megan’s 12 Days Of Christmas Blogging Challenge!

A Christmas Challenge

You should totally participate(it looks awesome!) We don’t really have a schedule for that… As you can see there are a lot of posts and hopefully I will get them all in!


     Can’t wait to see you soon! I love our traditions of setting up the tree! What are your traditions, if you celebrate Christmas? What do you think of our Christmasy sign off?

Merry Christmas, From Americangirlguide

Days until Christmas: 24

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    1. Thanks! I found that feature on WordPress last year and couldn’t find it this year and so I thought it was gone! But fourtunetly it had come back;)

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