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July Edition: Beautiful people+ I’ve been tagged

Today I’ll be answering the questions for Beautiful People. Every month Further Up and Further In writes ten questions out on her blog. Then whoever wants to can post their answers to them. This is to add more depth to characters, but if you can do it about your dolls personalities. I’m writting mine about my doll Nikki.

1. What’s their favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry Cheese Cake

2. Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What are they wearing? Who will they be with?
She’d be going out to eat at a sit down restaurant with Bethany and some girl friends. She would be wearing a floral skirt with a cute top.

3. Look at your character’s feet. Describe what you see there. Do they wear dress shoes, gym shoes, or none at all? Are they in socks that are ratty and full of holes? What do they consider comfortable and what do they consider agony?
Pink converse, with green laces. She is wearing hot pink ankle socks with musical notes on them. 

4. Do they have any birthmark or scars? Where are they and how did they get them? She has a big birthmark on her chin, but as she is getting older it is starting to fade. She also has a scar on her leg from a scooter accident.

5. What kind of music do they listen to? Does it change depending on their mood or is it always consistent? (Feel free to share samples!)
Nikki enjoys For King and Country and Building 429. They are christian pop/ soft rock. She listens to them constantly.

6. Do they have any musical talent? Play an instrument? How’s their singing voice?
She has an amazing voice and accompanies Bailey on the piano all the time. She doesn’t play any instruments.

7. What kind of book would you catch them reading?
She is totally obsessed with Joan Bauer’s books.

8. How would they spend their summers (or their holidays)?
  You would find her watching you tube videos, spending time with family and making seasonal DIYS.

9. It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Give details. Ex. If they’re eating breakfast, what’s on the menu? Are they hiking, shopping, lazing around?
 She is  filming a YouTube video. By noon she’s ready for the day and is ready to film! Right now she’s working on an outfit look-book with her sisters.

10. Is there anything your character wants to be free of?
She doesn’t want people to know that she’s adopted.
Onto a tag, thank you AG lane for tagging me. Check out her blog if you haven’t already.
 Three Two favorite dolls I got last year:
hi 040
Bailey- Truly Me #33


 Nikki- Truly Me #23
Three dolls I want:
 I’m not really saving up for another doll, but if I could chose here are my top three.


Caroline- Historical


Grace- GOTY 2015

No Image

Truly Me doll # 49

I tag:

Shannon from My Doll Life

Morgan from Amazingly Adollable

Hayley from DollDIYS

And The Dolls of Texas

That’s all for this post. I am so excited, time trails for swim championships are tonight. If you don’t do swim team, Time trails are where all the kids your age compete and the top 20 or something swimmers move on to championships. Swim team is so fun! I’m swimming Medley relay freestyle leg, Backstroke, and 100 IM. I don’t know why I just told you all about swim team, maybe it’s because I’m psyched for tonight or sad because the seasons over. I’m really happy because our team was undefeated this season!!! YAY! Ok, I should probably stop rambling and end this post. Bye:D


16 thoughts on “July Edition: Beautiful people+ I’ve been tagged

  1. I loved reading your answers! Go For King & Country! ❤ ❤ ❤ (And Building 429 is really good too!)
    Have fun at swim team tonight. That's a shame the season's over. 😦 But I'm glad you had a great season! 😀

    1. Thanks:D Do you do swim team? I like doing it soooo much and I’m not a sporty person. My coach is amazing. I have a lot of great friends. So I’m really sad the season’s over.

      1. You’re welcome. 😀
        No, I don’t. 😦 But I’d probably like it too because I’m not a sporty person either, and I like to swim. 🙂
        I’m sorry you’re sad…but hopefully you’ll be able to do it again next year! When does the next season start?

      2. It starts in late May. I could do winter swim, but all of my swim team friends said its not as fun and the coach is not as good:( thanks for sympathizing with me😋

      3. Wow, that’s a long way off.
        That’s too bad. 😦 It should be just as fun as it is in the summer!
        You’re welcome. 😀

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