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My thoughts on some of the new AG stuff + You guessed it Updates

HI!  I was so excited when AG released even more new stuff. I was disappointed with certain things but also some of the other stuff I found I really liked, so let’s get into it.


Truly Me:


The double braided head band is a spin-off of the single braided headband but better. For $20, though that seems pretty crazy!


Doll bangs! Such a great idea!! None of my dolls have bangs. I think this is awesome, but I’m not sure how it is attached. Once again $20, it feels like it’s more worth it:)


This is really cute! The items you can find for way cheaper at the dollar store. I  love the colors and brightness of this set, but $20. Wow!


This hat is OK. Nothing bad about it but nothing that really stands out. -$10


This is so cute! -$10


This is adorable! -$10


The name makes no sense but it’s ok. A little busy. -$10


I love this set. It is a nice upgrade from the old version of this. -$12


They look like uggs. I would way rather them in a neutral color and without bows! OK STOP, $16 What?! for a pair of boots?!


Really cute. They aren’t sneakers though. -$14


New hoodie. Nice, I like it.-$14


AWWW. So realistic. It has a lot of pieces. Sadly it is over priced:( $58


This looks like plastic. Otherwise it is Ok. -$28


It sort of looks like something I could make and I could make it for way cheaper. -$32


Nice. It could work for multiple things. I see potential. – $48


This is really cool! It is customizable. It looks like it isn’t to bulky. I love this set! -$58


This new dog is so pretty. Defiantly my favorite of their selection. Looks like my Sugar -$28


This is fine. Not my favorite. More like a normal color uniform. -$34


This outfit goes well together, it is dainty. AG doesn’t really have any other scarves wich is a nice touch. This is actually priced well for AG stuff. -$30

American Girl Sparkle Sweater Outfit

I think the skirt and sweater match ok together and cute. But what’s up with those boots? The price?! The Recess outfit has way more pieces and is two dollars cheaper!-$30

American Girl Mod Monster Costume

I’m not really into the AG line of costumes. The boots and the dress are cute, but everything else is freaky. Also what would this be used for other than Halloween and monster themed posts?-$34


Grace only got three new doll items, but I thought it was really cool that they added some girl items. I haven’t seen AG do this that often.


I LOVE this outfit!! I really want it. It is different from the standard pink and blue and looks super on Grace. -$30


The hair set is ok. Nothing special. OVERPRICED. -$22

American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Accessories

ehh. Different colors then the rest of her collection. OVERPRICED- $28


This is a cute little wristlet for girls. OVERPRICED-$24


I want this!!! It’s a stationary set that you can make cards with.-$30


This is cute. Very Grace like:) OVERPRICED-$24



This color looks amazing on Rebecca. Very bright. Finally! something close to reasonably priced-$24

American Girl Rebecca's Bed and Bedding

Really princess-ey like. It doesn’t seem very authentic.-$125

American Girl Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories

Totally like the books. Cute! This is the one accessory set that would make sense at costing $48 if any of them should. -$48

American Girl Julie's Zigzag Pajamas for Doll & Girl

The PJ’s are very wild. They do seem authentic-$24


This is bright and very cute-$60


I like this so much better then the old one. The color scheme is different. I like it.-$125


This looks very young looking.-$24


I really like this. Very charming and pleasant. The old one seemed more authentic though. Strange it is $30 cheaper then the others.-$90

American Girl Kit's Radio Set

Really over priced. It is Kits personality, totally.-$42

American Girl Josefina's Nighttime Accessories

Not my favorite. Wow, overpriced-$48

American Girl Josefina's Nightgown

Plain, not super authentic.-$24

American Girl Josefina's Bed and Bedding

I like the old one better, I can see why this one is cheaper.-$85

American Girl Addy's Nightgown

Looks like Josefina’s. The boots look baby like. Cute ribbons.-$24

American Girl Addy's Bed and Bedding

I like the old one better.-$85

American Girl Addy's Bedroom Accessories

Way to much, but it is like the books.-$45

American Girl Pow-Wow Dress of Today

One of Kaya’s better sets. Nice and bright. OVERPRICED-$42


I post way to many updates probably at least 30 percent of my posts are updates. 😡

I haven’t forgotten about camp summer. I finished taking the pictures for episode two and hope to have the third episode up by July 4th. Also AG sent me an email saying that Nikki has been shipped and as soon as she is back I will post about that . That’s it for right now. I hope you are having a great day everyone, bye!😝



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