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No Electricity

Hey Everyone! I guess you can tell bye the title I HAVE NO ELECTRICITY.

There was a super BIG thunder storm last night and a tree caught on fire from the power line and it EXPLODED. No one was hurt and my neighbors caught it all on film. You maybe wondering how are you posting this?! Well I am currently at our library using their computers 😀 I brought Bailey along and was able to get some pictures. These are on my I pod. So quality isn’t that good.


My favorite series!    Reading the newest Grace book:)    

I love her outfit!

My camera had no battery and I obviously couldn’t charge it, but it is charging here and I will hopefully be able to use it at home. I hope this doesn’t last long, but the electric company trucks haven’t arrived. I’ll be here for a little while longer working on posts so I will be able to respond to comments:) I think that’s mostly it. Bye!



25 thoughts on “No Electricity

  1. Hope you get your electricity back! How would I live xD Oh, and an exploding tree . . . THAT I want to see! There was a really bad storm when we were driving back home from vacation, but we were all safe 🙂
    P.S. I’ve read one book in the series that you really like . . . they’re the diaries of girls in America throughout time, right? The one I read was about an Indian.

    1. I’m glad you were safe! The whole tree didn’t explode(that would have been cool!) it was mostly the wires and a little bit of the tree. Yes they are. I literally just finished one of the books about an Indian girl. Ps I’m so sorry about your dolls with cockroaches! I’m so glad I haven’t gotten lice since I got my dolls! That would be a nightmare!!

  2. There was a big thunder storm where I live, too! Apparently there was a Tornado watch, or something like that. The clouds were all black and stuff. Oh, and also, I LOVE Those series too!

      1. Yeah, I’m reading A Dear America book right now called Christmas after all. It’s pretty good! 😉

  3. Omg my parents said that at mid night there was no power everything went of! I think that explains that reason xD! Btw fab post!

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