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Stamhp award

HI. Thank you Morgan for nominating me! I really appreciate it. Let’s get started.

1. What do you have planned for your summer?

I am going to NY and the AGPNY and I’m really busy with just random stuff:)

2. What’s your favorite hairstyle to do on your dolls?
 I love to do all differnet kinds of fishtails.
3. Which American Girl doll looks most like you?
Truly You #59 I own her and she is named BethanySAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Umm… Paris or New Hampshire, totally different places:)
I nominate:
 My questions are:
  1. Which historical Caroline or Kit?
  2. Which GOTY do you like the best?
  3. What are your plans for the summer?
  4. Do you have pets?


Thank you for reading! BTW, I am going camping for memorial day so I won’t be able to post. Bye!



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