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Hi guys! Sorry about two post with no pictures. I am making this post because I have so many post to make. So I am going to slow down. Because otherwise I will start making  fast posts with not the best quality. Here are what posts I am planning on doing in February:

– I plan on finishing Worst Enemy, Best Friend. I’ve finished all the pictures but I’m not done writing and editing.

– Dollies On A Farm and American Girl Doll House are having contests that I am working on entering.

– If I finish this stuff I will start Forever Family.

I am going to be busy this weekend so don’t expect a post soon. Thanks for sticking with me:)

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4 thoughts on “Update

  1. That makes sense that you want to slow down. I perfectly understand, and I think quality posts are better than posts as soon as possible. So go at your own pace, and I look forward to the continuation of your photostory! 🙂

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