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OOTD: Cute Coconut Outfit or Comfy & Casual

I have wanted to do an outfit of the day post for a while but I just got around to it 🙂 Comment telling me what outfit you like better and next week I’ll have a photo shoot with that doll in the outfit. Let’s begin.


~Cute Coconut Outfit~

For this outfit Jessica is wearing the coconut fun top a pair of AG retired skinny jeans and sparkly converse from Sophia’s and in her hair is in pigtails.


~Comfy and Cute Outfit~

Nikki is modeling the old JLY top, grey leggings and pink headband from the Coconut fun outfit and pink moccasins from Sophia’s. Her hair is in half fishtail pigtails.

Vote for either here!!!!

QUICK NOTE: Thank you to everyone who is reading Worst Enemy, Best Friend. I was given some suggestions and will be adding them. Thanks to those who gave their suggestions.


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7 thoughts on “OOTD: Cute Coconut Outfit or Comfy & Casual

  1. I am noticing as I read how you work hard on the details. Example: Great back drops, clothes and accessories, and hair styles. I like that Jasmine’s hair fits what I think of for a mean girl style. Yes, it is me again. Posting from your computer.

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