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Review of MAG #33

Wow!! December has flown by. Christmas is in TWO days!!!!! TWO days!!!! I am very excited. Anyway, the other day I was at my grandparent’s and I took a photo shoot of Bailey so I thought I’d do a review.


She’s MAG#33. She has blue eyes, standard face mold, and red curly hair.

hi 050

Her eyes are a light blue and complement her hair very well. Sometimes on camera her eyes appear darker.

hi 047

I love her hair so much. It is more of a strawberry-blonde color then red. I actually like it better than red-head. Her hair can be hard to mange though. Also you can’t do a lot of hair styles on her. Otherwise her hair is great.


Overall Bailey is a beautiful doll. I don’t recommend her for a person newer to dolls because of her hair. She is better for older girls and collectors. I am so happy I got her and will use her for years to come.

Here is a photo shoot with Bailey:

hi 042

hi 046


hi 040

hi 048

hi 049


hi 051

hi 052

Comment which picture you like the best! Love you guys!



Official Christmas count down:

2 days!!!!


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