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C2C- Week 3

Hello everyone! Bethany here. Today I’m going to show you some DIY Christmas gifts you can make! These are easy and you should have the supplies at home.Enjoy!


Your supplies:

-Christmas like cardstock or paper

-stickers and other decorations

-marker, pens,pencils

– ruler and scissors

The supplies you need:

-Christmas like cardstock or paper

-scissors and glue

– Ruler and hole punch

– Ribbon and stickers

-Pencil and other decorations(optional)

I got this idea from Funwithanagfan and click the link for her post on this. I have made about a billion of these for my sisters. It is a doll gift bag to put stuff in.

Stocking stuffers: Mom ALWAYS needs help finding stocking stuffers and so I made a list of some in case you guys have that problem.


What you need:

Sweet tooth printable

Tape,scissors, ribbon(optional)


1. Cut out the printable.


2. Fold and tape.


3. Add a festive bow and sneak it into their stocking!


The writer printable

scissors,staple, paper, pen, markers, ribbon(optional)

1. Follow step one from the other DIY and cut out the printable.


2. Next, take other paper and staple it inside the printable to make a book.


3. Write, Draw or leave blank for your doll to fill!


4. Add a pencil, Wrap, and hide it in their  stocking!


I hope you enjoyed this. Sorry it was late. I was sick this week.




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