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I AM SO EXCITED!(I guess you could figure that out because of the caps) I have a new addition! Please welcome…….. Bailey Kate.

Before I get into some facts about her. I would like to tell her story. This year for my birthday I used birthday money to buy my third doll Bailey. I wanted something different than Jessica and Bethany who both have straight brown hair and brown eyes. I also wanted to try a curly or wavy haired doll. I bought her online at AG and she was shipped to me. She arrived December 6th. IΒ am sooooo happy to have her and it was hard to keep her a secret. I am so glad to have her. Now a little more about Bailey…..



Name: Bailey Kate

Age: 13(she is older than her two twin sisters)

Birthday: December 6th

AG Doll:MAG #33 Curly red hair, blue eyes,light skin, and standard face mold

Favorite color: Indigo

What she does in her free time: Piano, Scientific studies, Horseback riding and anything relating to nature.


Thanks for reading! Look out for new posts with Bailey in them!



16 thoughts on “NEW DOLL!!!!!

      1. Sorry I ever tried to convince you otherwise! I didn’t really know what name suited her because I hadn’t seen her and I didn’t know her personality πŸ™‚ If I rename Julie, what should it be?

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