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Doll House Tour

Hi everyone. I am finally getting to my long-awaited doll house tour. Right now this is how my doll house looks but it changes all the time. My doll house is made in the floor of my closet. Also please like this post if you want me to post it when I change it. As always enjoy.

Here is an overview:

house    homeOOM


Starting off with the Bedroom half.


On top of this cabinet we keep a shell, two animal figurines and a snow globe. The picture hanging is from the doll school set.

In the cabinet on the top shelf I keep miniature toiletries, some doll makeup I made and jewelry in an old (clean!) lotion container. On the second shelf there is a bracelet, pin, and a doll eyeshadow pallet. On the bottom shelf I keep some accessories and homemade clothes.


This is where I store some of my random doll stuff. This is covered by a shoe hanger thing which I also store Barbies in. I store my doll clothes under the bunk bed.

Jessica’s Bed


Jessica sleeps on the bottom bunk. The quilt my grandma and I made. The pillow and other blanket are from around my house.  The bed I was given a long time ago and I don’t know where it’s from.


Jessica keeps a lot of stuffed animals and throw pillows. She also displays mini Ruthie.


Here is another stuffed animal and a few posters I made for Jessica’s love of animals. Beside this I hung a butterfly chart from the doll school kit.J

Last we have her corkboard filled with notes, awards and quotes which I made.

Bethany’s bed


Above we have Bethany’s bed. She has a blanket and small throw pillow from around the house and a larger one that I made.


On the left we have a mirror and three posters.


On the right I have a hanging butterfly thing (she uses it as a corkboard). It has awards, photos of friends, and notes on it.


Here is the back of the bunk bed and top of the dresser.

On the dresser I have a digital clock, iPod, tissue box, and watch.

I made the heart garland and DOLLDIYs made the mirror.


Here is the bottom of the vanity/dresser. On the top there is a radio and on the bottom there are homemade books, some flashlights and a charger. DOLLDIYs made the mat and radio.

Here is the dog bed with Sugar and Rolf (a mini stuffed dog)


Above the desk we have a poster(I used a mag charm box), A calendar from an old pocket calendar, a white board from the doll school set,and a little billboard I made with a clock and pictures.


On the desk I have a homemade laptop. In the drawer I have a lot of random doll sized school things. In the lower half we keep doll folders, books and so on. DOLLDIYs made the AWESOME desk for me and the blue bit of carpet is from my house.

I hope you like this post. It took 15 drafts! Look for more soon.    -Americangirlguide


7 thoughts on “Doll House Tour

  1. WOW! Your doll’s house is so much fun. I love the details that you have put into creating their room. I would want to live there if I was a doll. Their board of special posters and notes is unique and definitely reveals their personalilties! Please send me your future blog posts!

  2. I LOVE your doll house. I can see you’ve put a lot of time and thought into all of its details. It looks like so much fun to play with. Can’t wait to see it with my own two eyes again soon as we’ll as its owner. LOVE YA!

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