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Christmas Countdown with Beth and Jess

Hi Guys! I have decided to do a count down till Christmas starting thanksgiving weekend. I will try to post once a week for 5 weeks but Christmas is the busiest time of year for me. This also means I will be postponing my series until January. Later in December I will give you a premiere date for the series. Here is the schedule for CC with Beth and Jess (my dolls).

Week 1(11/27-11/1)- Setting up our Christmas tree

Week 2(12/1-12/7)-  DIY holiday decorations

Week 3 (12/8-12/14)- DIY presents part 1

week 4 (12/15-12/21)- DIY presents part 2

week 5 (12/22-12/25)- countdown everyday that week and doll outfit ideas

week 5 continued (12/25-12/28)- end



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