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Doll photo shoot

Hey Guys! Today I  will be doing my first photo shoot. I took this  a loooooooooong time ago in August at my grandparents house and I am finally getting around to it! I hope you like it. Here is Bethany to tell you about the photo shoot.


August and September 2014 021

Hello! Before I show you the pictures we took I would like to show you my outfit! It is the tropical bloom tunic and yoga pants with a pair of adorable shoes from Sophia’s.

August and September 2014 028

Here I am climbing a tree.

August and September 2014 026


Now I am super high up. This is also my favorite pic.

August and September 2014 031

Then I went to sit in the Garden.


August and September 2014 032

Here I am going into the shed. I hope there aren’t any snakes.

August and September 2014 023

I decided to try out moms bike! I can’t reach the pedals though :p

August and September 2014 033

After riding for a while I decided to take a break. It was really windy!

August and September 2014 024

Here I am after a long day of exploring!


Please comment on your favorite picture and tell me if I should do more photo shoots!



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